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10 Best Website Layout Design Examples To Stand Out in 2021

Best Website Layout Design Examples To Stand Out

When developing a website, many people overlook the website layout design when it is one of the most important parts of a website. The layout can make or break a website, and many people fail to understand that a bad layout can turn away many visitors and potential customers.


With a website layout design, you should also want it to be original, and feature widgets and content that people are likely to resonate with. Standing out can be a way of driving traffic and growth for your website.


In this article, we are going to discuss the ten best website layout design examples in order to stand out and show people what your website is really about. The layout should not be overlooked and should be done with care in order to get the most out of your website design online.

Example #1 - The Imagination Museum

This website includes a box under the navigation bar with their two most important projects, and then turns into a dual column with all the events that the website has to offer, making it a compact design with all the information necessary included.

Example 1 of good website layout design from The Imagination Museum

Example #2 - Designer Part

Designer Part has an interactive website layout design where certain sections move around the page the further you scroll down. The layout is unique and is a reason for their growth and traffic online.

Example #3 - Codeless

Codeless has many different sections throughout the layout, including this one with six of their pages included, creating a layout with purpose and that also looks high-quality. A good layout for your website.

Example #4 - Gunsberg

Gunsberg has a website layout design without a navigation bar, with there being an image and the links surrounding it. This makes for a very original layout and fits with the purpose of their website and branding.

Example 4 of good website layout design from Gunsberg

Example #5 - Cleverbird Creative

Cleverbird Creative also has an interactive design that allows you to view the work they have been a part of by hovering over the names of the work. Very impressive and an original layout with style. 

Example 5 of good website layout design from Cleverbird Creative

Example #6 - Barkli Gallery

Barkli Gallery has a website layout design with many different sections all connecting with each other to create a visually appealing home page. It is a layout that is certainly interactive and will keep visitors coming back.

Example 6 of good website layout design from Barkli Gallery

Example #7 - Wonderbase

Wonderbase has a website layout that is very basic, including their catchphrase in the middle of the page. However, it is interactive and gets the point straight across, making for an excellent web page.

Example 7 of good website layout design from Wonderbase

Example #8 - Bishop Design

Bishop Design has a very unique layout for their homepage, scrolling left-to-right rather than up-and-down, making it stand out from the crowd and introduce visitors to the world of Bishop Design. 

Example 8 of good website layout design from Bishop Design

Example #9 - Land Life Company

Land Life Company has a layout that is interactive when you first launch the page, however as you scroll down it becomes a regular home page with a navigation bar, making the website feel secretive and important and standing out from the rest.

Example 9 of good website layout design from Land Life Company

Example #10 - Fully Studios

Fully Studios includes creative and imaginative animations throughout their website layout design, and with an excellent design, their website is a layout that is unique and original compared to many others on the web.

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