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15 Undeniable Reasons to Love Growth Marketing Agencies

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If you are running a business, marketing is an essential part of reaching success. Growth marketing agencies take this bit off your shoulders and make it the right way. Depending on what you want to achieve within your business strategy, growth marketing agencies will always have the solution on increasing your chances to succeed. Reaching out to a growth marketing agency is what we recommend for any business development, and in this blog, you will find out the undeniable reasons for loving it.

1. Growth Marketing Agencies Will Save You Time

Marketing in-house will take a fair bit of time in your day-to-day activities. Combine this with the business activities you’ll have to choose your priorities, and it’s usually business over marketing. Fortunately, growth marketing agencies allow you to bring all your attention to your business while they create and implement the marketing strategy for you. You won’t have to spend your time planning to advertise, creating a marketing plan, managing your social media posts or optimising your website – growth marketing agency will take this off your shoulders.

2. Allow Professionals to Do the Job

Growth marketing agencies employ professionals. Usually with a degree in marketing, or a wealth of experience in the field. They keep learning about the newest marketing approaches all the time. It’s their daily routine to do marketing the right way.

3. Receive the Critical Overview of Your Business

When planning a marketing strategy for the business, it’s important to understand where it is at the moment. Professional marketers identify your current customer base, ranking, brand success, competitors, your business strengths and weaknesses while providing a detailed SWOT analysis and much more. You will get the full overview of your business and solutions for its development.

4. Get Successful Results Much Faster with a Marketing Agency

Most of the marketing agencies work on their customers’ projects 5 days a week, from morning to evening. They will be able to provide you with information of how long it will take to achieve the results in advance, which will definitely be quicker than if you would try to achieve it yourself without any help from the professionals.

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5. They Will Identify Your Competitors

Often the issue with unsuccessful marketing appears because of the inability to correctly identify main business competitors. Understanding your competitors and what they provide for their customers can help you to stand out. It will allow you to set appropriate prices according to the average of similar products or services on the market. Knowing your competitors will let you see how they run their business to attract and keep customers.

6. Growth Agency Will Make Sure That Your Budget Is Not Mismanaged

Sometimes spending your budget on advertising becomes pointless because it is aimed at the wrong audience, at the wrong time and/or at the wrong platform. Growth agencies make sure that the money is managed properly while using a range of analytical techniques and tools for this purpose. Subsequently, you will get what you planned to achieve for an appropriate budget.

7. Marketing Automation for Your Business

Marketing automation is the next big step in the growth marketing world. Many growth marketing agencies offer to make your business an automate which is a key to building strong relationships between your brand and customers. How does email automation work? 

Communicating with your leads directly is important, however, sometimes it’s physically hard to respond to every email and query by yourself which may lead to losing your customers. That’s where marketing automation comes to action. It allows you to set specific automated emails depending on customers’ actions. For example, when someone surf through your website, leaves your products in the shopping basket, requests a quote or leaves a review – they will get involved into the automation and receive automatic emails to their inbox on behalf of your brand.

If that’s something you are looking for your business, we have a solution for you – Try Xune Email Marketing Automation.

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8. Increase in Your Customer’s Engagement

In order to keep your customers, we recommend to always engage them with your brand. Having a permanent interest in your brand will inspire them to order goods or services from you again. This can be achieved through regular social media posts, blogging, responding to feedback, emails, and active promotion of your USPs (Unique Selling Points) by demonstrating how your brand or product is superior to its competitors.

9. You Will Have Improved Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the main tool if you want to appear in Google, Bing, Yahoo or other search engines’ organic results. SEO involves improving the quality of your website content and increasing the ranking to grow your website traffic from the search engines. SEO improvement will help to save your budget from overspending on paid advertising.

10. Your Business Social Media Will Always Be Active and Up to Date

Regular use of social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram brings plenty of opportunities to your business. Most of the digital consumers use social networks to search for products or services. Managing business social media accounts allows you to talk directly to customers and followers which is an important step while building the trust. It helps to increase customer engagement, raise your brand awareness, attract new leads and let your consumers/clients see that your business is up and running. However, keeping your social media presence up to date is very time consuming – and that’s another part which Growth Marketing Agencies are ready to do for you.

11. They Will Help You to Create and Develop Your Brand

Maybe you’re just starting your business or otherwise, you may already have a logo, digital presence and even some customers, but still have a feeling that your brand is ‘left behind’. In both situations, the growth marketing agency can step in. Most of the marketing agencies employ professional web designers advanced in logo creation, branding improvement and website style development that will match your business aims and values.

12. Growth Marketing Agency Delivers More Leads and Sales

If you own an eCommerce company wanting to increase your monthly sales, average order value and/or quality lead generation, then it’s time to involve the growth marketing agency into your business. The budget spent on the marketing agency will depend on the result you aim to achieve. 

Check our free Growth Goal Calculator to see the ways of reaching your revenue target.

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13. Marketing Will Be Aimed at the Right Audience

While creating a business marketing strategy, marketers identify your key target audience and create personas to better understand your customers and their interests, wants and needs. This helps to aim the advertising and content marketing at the specific audience, only relevant to your business.

14. Your Business Will Have Appropriate Digital Presence and a Modern Website

As already mentioned above, a growth marketing agency is a top contact when it comes to building wonderful looking websites. Apart from the look and feel, they also deliver the latest technical solutions for easy navigation, optimisation and positive online customer experience. It is also a very important aspect of the marketing campaign, as you have only one chance to make a first impression, and if your website visitor won’t be able to find the information or it would be difficult to navigate from a mobile device, you may lose a potential customer.

15. You Will Achieve Your Business Goals!

Growth Marketing Agencies make their clients’ success a priority when doing their job and doing their best to develop the most suitable marketing strategy for your business growth. Starting from assistance on setting beneficial and realistic goals and finishing with the full growth strategy delivery, they will definitely help you to achieve your business goals.

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