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20 Outstanding Website Design Ideas to Inspire You in 2021

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Developing a website is something that many people are now interested in. Since the dawn of the internet, websites have been an integral part of our technology and give people an opportunity to get their message across to others.

However, the process of website design can be difficult, and many get stuck on this when building the website of their dreams. However, there are many different website design ideas out there that can assist you in the process in developing your perfect website, as there are millions of websites on the internet who went through the same process as you.

In this article, we are going to discuss website design ideas with our top twenty outstanding ideas to inspire you and your website this year.

#1 - Thecon

Thecon uses a main header to take up the majority of space on the homepage, making it look unique, smart and perfect at getting the message across.

Xune Thecon

#2 - At Startup Speed

At Startup Speed includes website design ideas such as an image above the navigation bar, and images scattered across the homepage in order to introduce their projects.

Xune At Startup Speed

#3 - Tom’s Pies

Tom’s Pies has a range of animated characters and figures moving on the home page, making it interactive for the visitor and eye-catching for those who are interested.

Xune Tom's Pies

#4 - RPPRT

RPPRT uses an image header with the image moving as you scroll up-and-down the page, making it interactive and unique.


#5 - 5by5

5by5 has a video in the background of the header at the top of the page, making it more exciting for visitors to watch.

Xune 5by5

#6 - Tanta Restaurant

Tanta Restaurant has an interactive homepage with animations and the navigation bar located in the top left corner rather than the entire top of the page.

Xune Tanta

#7 - Angry Birds

Angry Birds includes website design ideas such as moving objects and a colourful homepage, making it exciting and encouraging for visitors.

Xune Angry Birds

#8 - Clique Studios

Clique Studios include website design ideas such as text filling itself in, being visually pleasing and great for visitors and traffic.

Xune Clique

#9 - Millesimes

Millesimes includes a wine glass image in the centre of the home page, with a carousel of text behind it, making it interesting and visually appealing.

Xune Millesimes

#10 - Railsware

Railsware includes an integrated navigation bar at the right side of the page making it easy to navigate through the website.

Xune Railsware

#11 - Cute & Broke

Cute & Broke has a navigation bar built into the page, meaning there are links at the top with the featured image being the background, making it subtle but powerful.

Xune Cute&Broke

#12 - Re:signal

Re:signal uses website design ideas such as only using a single colour for the background of their home page, definitely standing out from the crowd.

Xune Re:signal

#13 - Citak Rugs

Citak Rugs makes art with moving particles on their homepage, being a great website design idea to brighten up your website.

Xune Citak Rugs

#14 - Pull Clean

Pull Clean adds a video at the very start of their home page for visitors to watch, getting straight to the point.

Xune Pull Clean

#15 - Long Story Short

Long Story Short doesn’t use a title for the navigation bar and simply has a menu logo in the top left corner, a very simple yet effective design.

Xune Long Story Short

#16 - Coinbase

Coinbase shows their trade listings straight away on their homepage, making it easier than ever for the visitor to get started.

Xune Coinbase

#17 - WRIST

WRIST shows their watches animated straight away on their homepage, being very different from the typical watch website.

Xune Wrist

#18 - Apparatus

Apparatus utilises website design ideas such as a scroll-based page with page links appearing further you scroll down.

Xune Apparatus

#19 - Instabridge

Instabridge takes advantage of website design ideas such as including mobile app call-to-action buttons (CTAs) for their application.

Xune Instabridge

#20 - Squarecircle

Squarecircle includes an interactive video as a title, something that not many people have done for their websites.

Xune Squarecircle

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We understand that it can be difficult to develop a website, and although there are many website design ideas listed in this blog, it can be a hard task to get those ideas onto a live website yourself.

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