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3 Common Reasons Why Your Website Design Isn’t Working For You (And How To Fix It)

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Choosing the right website design can be a long and tedious procedure. Especially considering the amount of options there are and conflicting ideas that you may have. Designing a good website takes time and without experience, some aspects may be hard for you to complete.

In the digital era with the internet being an important part of our lives, getting your website design right is an important task. If you consider how many websites there are with excellent designs, you must keep up with the standards that others set.

Never again will you struggle with your website design, as we have compiled three of the most common reasons as to why it may not be working for you, and on how you can fix it.

1. Your Pages are Cluttered

Having a website with cluttered information can work for some particular websites, but for most, it is very distracting and can push visitors away rather than keep them engaged. For this reason, modern websites tend to avoid using too many widgets and images on their pages.

Also, having a cluttered website can slow down the page for the visitor, which can also push visitors away and they may not return after having an experience like that. Having a speedy website nowadays is very important, and can make or break a website depending on how slow/fast it is. 


To fix this problem:

  • Avoid using too many apps, plugins and images on your pages. Use them when they are necessary, but do not clutter your pages with them to an excessive point. 
  • Optimise white-space on your web pages as this makes it a more pleasant experience for the user, and can help them process the information on the website quicker.

2. Your Layout is Not Working

Your layout is important, as it is how the visitor will process your website in their heads. If your layout is not consistent with other pages, then it will make your website seem more unorganised and cluttered. Having a layout that focuses more on advertising and having as many things included as possible, is a way to disaster. 


To fix this problem:

  • Make sure that your layout only includes the key things that need to be included. 
  • Avoid implementing too many widgets (as mentioned above) and remember to keep it consistent across all your pages as this can help with your website branding also.

3. Your Design is Outdated

The internet changes at a rapid pace. Even looking back as little as three years ago, you can already notice a difference in website design and how most websites carry themselves. If you have a design on your website that doesn’t look like the standard that most other websites set, then it might be time for you to choose another design completely.


To fix this problem:

  • Get Inspired: Take a look at some popular websites and note down design features that look modern and have a good use. 
  • Choose a website design that optimises these features, and that optimises white-space too. By understanding growth driven web design, you can engage better with customers and improve the design over time to increase conversions. 

Do you need any more help?

We understand that web design can be a long process and it is okay if you need advice or guidance when designing. Most web design projects have multiple people working together, so if you are doing this as an individual, we suggest that you gain the help and advice that you need.

If you haven’t checked it out already, we have an article written on the benefits of having a good website design. We strongly recommend reading this as it will explain to you why having a good website design matters, and why you should invest into it.

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