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5 Bad Website Design Examples & How To Avoid Bad Web Design

Bad Website Design

Website design is a process that needs to be completed in order to create the perfect website and ensure it is running correctly online. There are now millions of websites on the internet all competing for visitors and attention, and it is important to get this stage right in order to keep up with the standards of website online.

There are many websites that succeed with design, building creative and aesthetically pleasing websites for visitors to see. However, there are many bad website designs online that are more likely to turn away visitors rather than encapsulating them. 

In this article, we are going to discuss five bad website design examples and how to avoid bad website design in the future, in order to succeed with your website and get straight into the successful side on the internet.

Example One - Not Enough White Space

This is definitely a problem when it comes to bad website design. Many people get carried away with their website pages and do not leave enough space between text, images and content.

Subsequently, this can lead to a cluttered website which is harder for visitors to understand what you are offering them. People have adapted to the internet and prefer to skim the text for information rather than focusing heavily on it. Leave enough space between the things that you feature on your pages.

Example Two - Inconsistent Colours, Fonts etc

For website branding, it can become confusing and overwhelming for the brain when we see inconsistencies in website design. For example, fonts that change between different web pages, colours that aren’t consistent etc.

Keeping it simple by using consistent colours and fonts will allow your brand to flourish and grow online rather than there being inconsistencies.

Example Three - Too Much Information/Complex

This example goes with the white space hand in hand, having too much clutter on your website and making it too complex can be a negative rather than a positive. People want a simple and effective design where they can read information from, and too much complexity can turn away visitors.

Focus on making your website appealing and simple for visitors to read rather than creating too much clutter on your pages, in order to create a better user experience.

Bad Website Design. Example of better website design plan

Example Four - Ineffective Theme

Choosing a theme is an important starting point for the website, and a bad theme can turn into bad website design. Having a good theme that works is an important part of your website design as it can dictate the rest of your website.

Choose a theme that works well with what your website is going to offer visitors, and use it to your advantage when developing a great website

Example Five - Cluttered Footer/Navigation Bar

Navigation is a key aspect of a website that shouldn’t be overlooked, including the footer also. Having a navigation bar and footer cluttered or wrongly sized can make your website look a lot less aesthetically pleasing and professional, and can turn away some visitors if they are confused.

Use the navigation bar and footer to your advantage, choosing the most important and relevant pages to display and with a design that works.

Need More Assistance With Your Website Design?

We understand that website design can be a difficult task to complete, especially if you are inexperienced or new to the industry. Bad website design can turn away many visitors, and in turn, reduce the profitability of your business going forward.

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