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6 Helpful Tips For Outsourcing To A Growth Agency

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What’s that? You’re thinking about outsourcing your marketing to a growth agency?

Well first, we want to congratulate you on making this decision. Growth agencies can really help you with accelerating business growth, generating leads and overall improving the performance of your business. 

However, all growth agencies are different and depending on the agency you choose, it could have varying effects on your business. Let’s discuss six helpful tips for outsourcing a growth agency that can help you make the right decision and also get the most out of your investment.

1 - Explain Your Business Goals

When speaking with a growth agency about your business, you want to thoroughly explain your business goals and needs. You’re essentially putting a very important part of your business in someone else’s hands, which means that they must understand what drives your business and what is the main goal you want to achieve. 


Express your vision and how you want your business to be in the future, and the agency will have a much better idea on how they can turn the dial and grow your business digitally.

2 - Find Specific Areas For Improvement

When you’re looking at your business goals, you might find that your goals are aligned with an area that you’re looking to improve. For example, your overall goal might be to increase leads coming to your website, and as a result you need to improve the way you’re trying to capture these leads.

Make this clear to the growth agency you’re working with. That way, they can use their expertise in these areas to gain the best results possible.

3 - Showcase Your Branding

Branding is always important when it comes to marketing. Although a growth agency can create branding for your business, most businesses already have a good idea about how they can portray their brand. This means that you’re going to need to communicate well on how you want your brand to be seen. 

Doing this well means that the growth agency has the best idea of your business and can portray it correctly.

4 - Ask Questions About Past Experience

One thing important to remember is that growth agencies have a history. Learn from what they’ve done in the past and ask about their past experiences with clients, what they’ve done well and what projects they completed.

Knowing this will help you guide the agency. If you see something that they’ve done before which you love, you can direct them to replicate something similar for your business.

5 - Research Their Agency

It’s one thing to ask about their past experiences, but to get a further understanding of their growth agency, maybe look deeper into their past. Look at their website, testimonials and reviews and see what others have said about the agency. 

6 - Keep In Good Contact

One thing important to note when working with a growth agency is that contact is key. What I mean by that is keeping in touch with your agency is important for your business and for their work also.

Sending emails, asking for updates on projects and informing the agency of your current business agenda is always helpful for the marketing process, and will provide the best results for your business.

Although growth agencies are booming in popularity, some are better suited for businesses than others. Whilst you’re here, why not schedule a call with us? We can discuss our growth marketing services and what our agency can offer your business. 

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