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6 Things You Should Know When You Learn Growth Marketing

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Growth marketing boomed onto the scene recently and it’s certainly here to stay. Digital marketing is becoming old news and marketers all across the globe are implementing new strategies focusing on the entire sales process and not just acquiring customers (hence the name “growth marketing”).


As more and more people become conscious of the same old digital marketing strategies, learning growth marketing is the only way forward. Focusing on retaining customers, acquiring new ones and adding value at every point through the customer experience is what growth marketing is all about. 


For those looking to grow their business, learning growth marketing can be the catalyst for your success. However, to use growth marketing you must understand it thoroughly and know the right techniques and strategies to do so. 


Let’s discuss the six most important things we think you should know when learning growth marketing.

1 - Growth Marketing Encourages Automation

One of the key identifying factors of growth marketing is automation. As growth marketing focuses on the entire sales process, you can take advantage and create separate automations for different types of leads/customers. This can have profound benefits, with some seeing their sales expand up to 10x whilst saving a lot of time and effort. 


With email automation, in particular, you can create multiple automated emails that are sent out to your contacts. Most automation software will allow you to create more than one automation and you can segment your contacts based on demographics, location and other marketing data. This is ideal for growth marketing.


For example, you could create an automation for people who haven’t purchased yet with emails to be sent out to them, encouraging them to do so. At the same time, you could create a second automation for people who have purchased more than twice already with different emails, with a change of content to nurture the two separate groups.

2 - Buyer Personas Are A Necessity

Buyer Personas are a fictional adaptation of your ideal customer. They help you guide the way you market your business and make sure businesses know their ideal customer. 


We believe that buyer personas are a necessity in the current stage of growth marketing, allowing you to target the customers that are most likely to engage with your business. You can create multiple buyer personas depending on how big or small your business niche is. Take advantage and use buyer personas to find the people most relevant to you. 

3 - Customer Retention > Acquisition

It’s a well-known fact that it’s easier to keep a customer than to win over a new one. It is said that it takes 5 times more to attract a new customer than to get a sale from a previous one. Then why do we focus on acquisition so much as marketers?


The truth is that there are many ways to retain customers after learning growth marketing and it’s quite simple, with channels such as social media and email automation being ideal for customer retention. Keeping in contact with the customer, giving them information/updates of your business and informing them of sales or discounts they can receive. 

4 - Personalise Your Content

Personalisation is a huge part of growth marketing. It focuses on adding personal touches to your content/website/service such as displaying the customer name or directing content at them based on their country/place in the world. 


This is massively important for growth marketing as it’s an easy way to add that extra bit of value to your business. 80% of customers are more likely to make a purchase from a brand that offers personalised experiences. Customers feel more at home and are likely to repeat purchases in the future.

5 - Don’t Ignore Social Media

Social media is used heavily throughout growth marketing and now more than ever. There are many opportunities for growth on social platforms. It was estimated that more than half the world now uses social media, so there will always be someone where your business is relevant to them. 


Growth marketing encompasses social media as you can use it to target many different customers each in different stages of their search for the right product. For example, you could distinguish your posts from each other. One campaign aimed at long-time followers, another could be targeting leads and potential customers for the future. That way, you can gain the most from your marketing endeavours.

6 - Always Be Ready To Optimise, Experiment & Test

A key aspect of growth marketing is optimisation. Following on from the point about adding value, optimising your website is always necessary to make sure it’s the best website it can be. 


This means completing A/B tests and experiments, analysing the data and seeing what performs best and what customers engage with the best. It could be as simple as moving an ‘add to cart’ button from the top of the page to the bottom, but once looking at the analytics, it could make a huge difference to the rate of people purchasing or the user experience on the website.

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To learn growth marketing is not easy and although this blog should give you a better idea, it’s a process that encompasses a lot of different strategies and techniques. To rocket your business to a new level of success, a growth marketing agency might just be the thing you need.


Whilst you’re here if you haven’t already, why not schedule a call with us? We can help you get a better understanding of growth marketing and can explain our services in full detail on how we can grow your business. 

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