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7 Quick Tips About Growth Marketing

Quick Tips About Growth Marketing

Digital marketing has been around since the dawn of the internet. As long as people use the internet for business, there is no sign of eCommerce slowing down and now more than ever businesses need to stay on top of their digital presence. There are so many options to increase online visibility that businesses need to employ several tactics to draw visitors and win customers.


However, between the factors of changing search engine algorithms and constant competition you must adapt your marketing strategies to perpetually maintain and increase your share of the market. This is where growth marketing comes to mind.


A tad different from digital marketing which focuses on awareness and acquisition, growth marketing focuses on the entire sales process, including after a lead has converted into a customer. If you’re looking to optimise your online revenue, then focussing your energies on where you can really turn your sales dials can have a big impact. Do more of the things that work well for your industry


Let’s discuss 7 quick tips about growth marketing that can help you jumpstart your marketing endeavours. 

1 - Focus On The Entire Sales Process

What separates digital marketing from growth marketing is the phases that are considered. Digital marketing focuses on primarily acquiring new leads and visitors and bringing awareness to the business in general. While growth marketing focuses on the entire sales process from awareness to post-purchase. 


Doing this will cater to customers and visitors who are each in different stages of the buyer’s journey and can encourage customers to return. It also allows the customers to focus on the brand and how they operate, to get to know a brand well is to build a relationship that’s designed to last. What does this mean for your bottom line? It means higher average order values and increased customer lifetime value. It’s far cheaper to win back a previous customer than to find a new one. Growth marketing tactics specialise in automating processes and delivering conversion-based results. 

2 - Take Customer Journey Into Account

The customer journey is the journey a customer will go through before making a purchase. Each visitor is in a different stage of the customer journey and will view your pages differently depending on what they already know.

Taking the customer journey into account means creating content aimed at different stages, thinking about their mentality as a lead and catering to their needs depending on what they already know.

3 - Use A Buyer Persona

Buyer personas are a semi-fictional written version of your ideal customer. Going into detail about their lifestyle, desires and needs for your product or service. Buyer persona’s are extremely useful in growth marketing as they allow you to focus directly on the customers you ideally want. They allow you to find your niche and deliver great products and services and allows your potential customers to recognise when they’ve discovered something they need.


After creating your buyer persona(s) then you can use it to direct your marketing/content-creation at your ideal audience. A great quick tip about growth marketing that can help you for the future, by speaking to everyone, you end up speaking to no-one. Find the people who’s problems you solve best.

4 - Create Content For Different Stages

Content creation is a great way to bring in new visitors from the web. However, content doesn’t come in one form. People view content in different ways and depending on how much they already know or have seen, it might not be 100% relevant to them.


Create content for different stages, including awareness, consideration and decision depending on where the buyer is in their customer journey. This will allow visitors to gain the most from your content and hopefully entice them to purchase. 

Online shoppers and buyers aren’t always online because they’d rather not be face to face, some purchases require just as much consideration. They go to the internet to find solutions and answers. The biggest search engine in the world has made it very clear that it’s moving towards delivering intent-based results – this means knowing the difference when the searcher types in visiting Spain and things to pack for a weekend in Madrid. Expert content in your industry can help answer questions and meet them at the point of need, whether researching or being ready to spend money.

5 - A/B Testing and Experimentation

Growth marketing also means never standing still, seeing your company’s marketing as an evolution. How do we evolve? Through trial and error, following trends and testing markets and most of all, from learning. Running marketing campaigns is nothing without a reflection on performance. We can also use a marketing campaign to test assumptions and hypotheses, or move into new niches – that’s where A/B testing comes in. 


A/B testing means changing one thing at a time (e.g. one page has a “sale” image and the other one doesn’t) and looking at the analytics in order to see what works best. Making little optimisations/improvements can have a huge impact on things such as increasing your conversion rate and lowering your bounce rate. 


Completing experiments and A/B testing will allow you to meet the needs of your customers better and provide an improved visitor and customer experience. By constantly asking yourself the questions


  • What are my customers looking for when they visit my site?
  • How can I make the purchasing process easier?
  • What one thing could I change today to delight and engage more visitors and gain more customers?


you can discover exactly how to deliver for your customers and make it easy for them to come back time and time again as well as refer you to their family and friends! 

6 - Cookies And Retargeting

Cookies are used all across the internet to save and track data from visitors for marketing purposes. They can be used once informing the visitor on your website of the cookies used and whether they accept them or not.


The power in cookies is that they remember certain pieces of information like whether a certain device has visited your website before. This can tell you information like how many returning customers or visitors you have and how engaged people are with your brand. You can also use a retargeting campaign to use ads to connect with previous visitors who haven’t become customers yet and show them additional information about you to increase brand trust. retarget ads at visitors who have already been on your website before. 


The best recommendation we can give is to make sure you have the basics set up; Google Analytics and Google Search Console – this means you can see information about who visits and how they found you. 

7 - Focus On Customer Retention

We’ve already mentioned how valuable repeating customer purchases are to business stability and we can’t overstate it. Customer retention is an area that is often overlooked in traditional digital marketing. Customer loyalty is hard-fought and won, there is no greater waste for online businesses to ignore the group of people who have already invested in the business. Don’t let that mailing list go ignored! The most important thing is to be timely and helpful! 


Focusing on customer retention means using email marketing to create low resistance touchpoints with offering help and support, information about new products and offers. It’s essential to maintain relationships with your customers so you are there when they need you and you stay top of mind. It may also be hard to believe but it’s also returned as one of the top ways to connect with your customer base and get results.

Still Looking For Help? What About A Growth Marketing Agency?

Don’t worry if all of this feels a little overwhelming, marketing is a never ending, always evolving process, sometimes it makes sense to hire experts and work with an agency. Plenty of people find the key things that they think will work for them and do it themselves, it’s definitely a time consuming task (we should know, we spend all day doing it). A growth marketing agency could be just the thing you need to turn your plan of action into a reality.

Whilst you’re here, why not take a look at our marketing services? We use detailed growth marketing strategies and are committed to growing your business & brand to new heights.

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