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8 Things We Learned From Marketing During a Lockdown

8 Things We Learned From Marketing During a Lockdown

Marketing during a lockdown is not something we anticipated to be doing but here we are. The last year has been incredibly difficult for all businesses, we’ve felt the hardships but were able to come out the other end stronger, unfortunately other businesses weren’t so lucky.

Throughout lockdown, we’ve learned a lot about business must-haves and marketing essentials, so we thought we’d share our findings. Here are 8 things we learned from marketing during a lockdown.

AR is an eCommerce Website's Best Friend

AR (Augmented Reality) is an interactive experience online that feels like you’re in the real world. In a lockdown where no one has been able to visit shops or book viewings to see houses or experience much outside of their own homes, AR content has been heavily relied on as the next best thing. Online shopping is extremely convenient and easy but it does come with one large downside; you can’t get a real-life experience of the product you are looking to buy. AR is the closest you can get to giving customers this feeling.

One single image is no longer enough to satisfy a customer’s need to know exactly what they’re buying. With 360-degree images, or short product videos, a user can get a better view and feel of the product without feeling like they need to see more before they can make a purchase.

Marketing During a Lockdown | Xune Solutions

One example is Essential Wellness’s Knee Support. This product has been flying off the shelves in the last couple of months, especially since we added our product video and 360-degree image of the product. It looks great too!

This shift in the way we buy online and the need to know what we buy before we buy is a concept that isn’t going to go anywhere. High-quality, optimised product images have always been a must but in the very near future, a single image won’t be enough to solidify a sale.

Emotive Marketing is Incredibly Powerful

Emotive marketing has, and always will be, a powerful marketing tool. It’s human nature to respond to things that make us feel an emotion and the reason you should be using psychology in your marketing. Companies who show they care about their customers will get higher rewards, in terms of customer loyalty and revenue.

A good example of how emotive marketing can be so successful is through our marketing techniques for one of our clients, LD Nutrition. Throughout the UK’s lockdown, we heavily leaned into marketing in an emotive way and the proof is in the pudding with this one. Their revenue has been exceptional this past year, with sales coming in left, right and centre.

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You’ll see thousands of companies utilising the power of emotive marketing but in the past year, with such an insane year, emotive marketing has only become more powerful. People are now drawn to the brands that show how much they care about their customers, so your company needs to do the same.

Having an Online Presence is Essential

Having an online presence has been important ever since ‘online’ was even a thing. As the internet became more popular so did shopping and browsing online, but now it’s no longer just popular, it’s essential. A national lockdown meant visiting a physical shop was no longer an option, so if you weren’t online before you needed to be now.

Even when we get through this pandemic and restrictions are completely lifted, having an online presence along with a physical shop is still going to be a necessity. People who never shop online suddenly were forced too if they needed to purchase something. These people are most likely going to continue shopping online even when the restrictions are lifted. The convenience, ease of use and fast pace nature of shopping online is unbeatable. If you haven’t moved online already, you might want to consider doing so.

Marketing During a Lockdown | Xune Solutions

The Importance of Having an Owned Google My Business Listing

Google My Business (GMB) is undoubtedly one of the biggest assets a business can have, especially a local one. It’s completely free, easy to use and provides an essential online presence.

Throughout the year, restrictions have been placed, shopping trips have been limited and the fear of catching or spreading COVID-19 has decreased the amount of times people leave the house. Due to this, people most likely have done much more research into where they need to go to get what they need. For example, if you needed some new tools, the option to go to several different shops is limited, this then leads to much more online research and online comparisons. Popping to Google maps and typing in ‘tool shop’ or a search term along those lines, let’s a user see what is near them, as well as quickly get a brief overview of a few different shops. With a good GMB listing, you can help yourself stand out from the other shops and increase the chances of that user picking your business to use.

If you’re looking to improve your visibility online, increase lead generation and show off your business (all for free!), you need a GMB listing.

First Impressions Count

When you go shopping online for a specific product, do you compare the same product from several different companies? I bet most of you do, it’s the best way to find the best deal you can. We don’t blame you, especially here in Yorkshire, we love a bargain!

The first few seconds of someone seeing your website are the most important, so your web design needs to be excellent. With so many options available for the same thing, you have to stand out. In three seconds someone can make the decision that they can find somewhere better to look. Grabbing people’s attention and providing a good user experience in the first few seconds of someone visiting is absolutely vital. While this isn’t necessarily new information, it has become even more apparent online whilst physical shops have been shut. Even when stores are all back open, this way of researching products isn’t likely to dip in popularity.

Remote Working Works When You Have the Right Tools

Suddenly moving from an office to having your whole team work from home is a bit of shock, and we felt it too. Over the course of the lockdown, our team at Xune has continued to expand. We can safely say we would not have been able to succeed in working as a team from all over the country without our essential tools. Google Workspace (formerly G-Suite) and ClickUp.

ClickUp is our management tool. We use it across the team to create tasks, update each other on clients, organise our days and see what needs doing when. Without ClickUp and having to manage the workload manually (especially with a team now spread across the country) it would be near impossible to be as efficient as we are in order to get tasks complete ahead of deadlines.

Communication is Key

Any business in any industry should know, especially after working from home, that communication is the key to success. Without keeping regular communications with your team, your colleagues, your bosses or your clients you can risk mistakes being made and growing inefficiency within your business.

At Xune, we use multiple forms of communication, from our work management tool: ClickUp to Google Chat and Google Meet. Sometimes even a simple check in with other people on your team can make the world of difference.

Marketing Agencies are Worth the Money

Investing in your business’s future is essential and hiring a marketing agency is an investment your business would never regret. COVID-19 has meant a lot of businesses have been ‘preserving’ their money but in doing this they’re now either low on money or even worse off. Putting your money in the right places can, and will, lead to money-making. Investing in a strong marketing agency is a tactic that will repay its dividends time and time again.

All of our clients are an excellent example of this. Not one of our clients have gone under during this pandemic. All have been spending their money, even when they didn’t have much to begin with, on essential marketing but this investment has brought them excellent, consistent profit even during these incredibly difficult times.

Has Your Business Been Affected By COVID-19?

Businesses all over the world have been crushed by this pandemic, if you’re a business looking to rebuild your brand or revamp your business to come out of this lockdown stronger than ever before, we can help you. Invest in your business’s future now.
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