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Abandoned Cart Emails: Getting It Right First Time

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What Are Abandoned Cart Emails 

Abandoned cart emails are automated emails sent to customers who added items to their online shopping cart but then exited the site without purchasing. They are a greatly effective conversion optimisation technique in the eCommerce world as they reactivate lapsed customers. This reminder email, while they’re still in a buying state of mind, persuades the buyer to come back and complete the purchase. 


Things Every Good Abandoned Cart Email Should Include 

The basic structure of an abandoned cart email is:

  • Captivating subject line
  • Introduction text
  • The customer’s cart item(s)
  • Call To Action (CTA)

Enticing customer’s in with reasons they should complete the checkout process, personifying the items that are ‘waiting for them’ or making customers feel like they will miss out are great ways to introduce the email and get them reading. Creating a sense of urgency, such as ‘products are selling out fast’ effectively gives the consumer a feeling they should go back and buy it now, before they miss out. 

Showing them what they left in their cart will remind them what they were looking at and why they were going to make the purchase in the first place. Making it more likely they’ll go back to buy. They are your ideal buyer, they are interested in your products and your brand, so keeping that quality traffic is important for conversions.  


Create a Captivating Subject Line 

When creating an email, one of the most important aspects is the subject line. This is most likely the first thing people will look at when going through their emails, so you want to grab their attention. With emails being a popular form of communication, people get an abundance of emails every day, so you want yours to stand out. 

There are a ton of different types of subject lines that can regain the attention of a customer but it’s important to be friendly, relevant and informative in the few words you use. Sounding demanding or only caring about making the sale most likely won’t appeal to customers. Personalising, giving an incentive or creating a sense of urgency are great ways of grabbing a potential buyer’s attention. 

A few examples of good subject lines are:


Keep it simple and to the point for the best chance of increasing your open rates.


Design A Prominent Call To Action

An abandoned cart email has a purpose, to get the customer to return to your online store and complete their purchase. You need to make the option for the customer to take action clear and obvious. There are several ways to do this. 

  • Create a large, visible button
  • Make your button text large and clear
  • Keep it short and to the point
  • Use a contrasting colour that still fits with your brand

Avoid using words such as ‘buy’ in your call to action, as the customer may not be ready to purchase straight away. Using words such as ‘return to your cart’ or ‘view your basket’ are more likely to achieve clicks.


An example of an abandoned cart email


example of an abandoned cart email

This example includes an incentive (10% OFF). It has a captivating subject line (You forgot something), creates a sense of urgency (Hurry back before it sells out!) and shows the user what item they’re missing out on. The CTA button is clear, stands out and is to the point and the option to contact them is clearly visible.


When To Send An Abandoned Cart Email

It’s best to send the abandoned cart email immediately after the customer has deserted their cart. The email is more likely to achieve its goal if the customer is still in the shopping mindset and prepared to buy. Throughout all our clients at Xune we see the highest conversion rates (20% to 30%) if the email is sent within the first 4 to 10 hours. After the first 24 hours has passed that conversion rate drops down to below 7%. Although, be mindful of other abandoned cart automations you may have and stagger them so the customer doesn’t immediately receive multiple prompts. For example, you may have browser notifications set to fire within the first 10 minutes and your first abandoned cart email 4 hours later.


Getting It Right First Time

Getting it right the first time is difficult when something is new to you. However, with your new found knowledge, I hope the process seems much less intimidating and you feel confident enough to create and automate your important abandoned cart emails. Remember the important aspects to consider when crafting your email, keep the tone of voice of your email friendly and inviting, grab their attention straight away with an interesting and relevant subject line, make your CTA clear and prominent and send the first email out as soon as possible.

If you’re still unsure or simply want some guidance, feel free to book a call with us to discuss!  

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