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All the Shopify Apps You Need to Have

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Shopify is a leading e-commerce platform designed to help businesses set up stores and sell online. Popular for its low startup cost and easy-to-use interface, Shopify caters to every business type. From the budding jewellery designer looking to sell more products to the musician wanting to sell his latest mix-tape, or perhaps established businesses looking for an avenue for growth. With a monthly subscription, you can create and develop an online store via which you can promote, sell, and ship your products. 

Thinking about migrating your business online or expanding your reach with e-commerce? By exploring the Shopify apps highlighted below, you can join millions of successful entrepreneurs from over 175 countries selling their products online or in-person with Shopify POS.


Import drop-shipped products into your eCommerce store and ship them directly to your customers. With Oberlo, you won’t have to worry about packaging or shipping, you have full access to thousands of products online with no commitment or credit card required. 

oberlo shopify apps


Stamped shopify app

Sign up to stamped.io as it will make your Shopify journey a lot easier in the long run.

Stamped.io is a customer retention platform that delivers more than product reviews. They offer a host of features for a very competitive price as compared to others in the industry. Stamped gives you User-generated content, Revenue Generating Features, Dropshipping with AliExpress, Integrations and lots of other review features. The company also has an app that caters to loyalty and rewards.

Order Printer

Order and print custom invoices, packing slips, labels and receipts; Shopify’s order printer app is free and easy to set up. With HTML or Liquid experience, you can create templates and customize the branding on printed materials. 

order printer shopify app

Back in Stock

Make it easy for your customers to sign up for a Back in Stock alerts (Email or SMS Text Message). This way, you can instantly alert waiting customers about restocked products and bring them back to your store to complete the purchase. Back-in-stock takes just 5 minutes to install, is simple to set up and runs automatically. 

Bold Cashier

Bold Cashier is an amazing product for Shopify merchants who have more complex requirements for their checkout process. You can create a unique checkout experience that fits your business. Build a high-converting experience backed by powerful and scalable core functionalities. Start turning shoppers into loyal customers from any touchpoint or sales channel across platforms and devices. 

Bold Cashier also has a lot of other apps that are available to use that will help you in your eCommerce journey. Click Here to sign up.

Bold Cashier shopify app


Flexify syncs your products with Facebook Product Catalogue to create Dynamic Product Ads making it easier to promote all your products to millions of people on Facebook & Instagram without having to configure each ad.


Monitor your cost, keep track of COGS, Facebook & Google Ad spend, Shipping cost, Transaction fees and any Custom costs with Ordermetrics. It features Automatic Per-Order Analytics, True Profit & LTV in Real-Time, Profitable Ads, Multi-channel currency conversion and other key metrics.

OrderMetrics shopify logo


QuickBooks features are perfect for small and medium-sized businesses. The app offers on-premises accounting applications as well as cloud-based versions that accept business payments, manage, and pay bills, and payroll functions.

quickbooks shopify logo

Free Shipping Bar

Research shows that 34% of customers only make an online purchase if free shipping is included. Display your free shipping offer in a slide-out bar with progressive messages to encourage shoppers to reach the free shipping threshold. It is easy to use, with tools aimed at boosting cart values and sales, advanced targeting, and curated holiday themes expressed on a bar background. 

Google Shopping Feed 

Google shopping feed offers Promotion Feed, applying to all or specified products. With features that let searchers see promotions running on your store, you enjoy improved Click Through Rate.


Printful syncs with your Shopify store to allow you to sell print-on-demand products like t-shirts, mugs, posters, with no upfront costs, setup, minimums or monthly fees. Printful handles inventory, production and stress-free shipping, enabling you to sell quality print and embroidery goods without risks. 

printful shopify app

Bold Product Options

Create unlimited custom product options including texts, numbers, calendars, swatches, checkboxes, and dropdown menus. You can sell monogrammed, engraved, and custom printed items, giving buyers a more engaging and hands-on buying experience. 

Click Here to sign up as this will help you immensely with winning over customers.

Sales Notification by MPS

Interested in increasing sales with your site traffic? Inspire sales with user experiences and convert potential customers by displaying social proof of products other users purchased. 


Exclusive to Shopify merchants, Kit promises an extra set of hands to help market your store. With Kit, you can send a few messages using Shopify Ping or SMS, create a discount code and promote it to start a retargeting campaign to bring visitors back to your store, send thank you/promotional emails to customers and much more. 

Kit shopify app

Form Builder

Explore easy-to-build mobile-friendly forms with no coding required to help with generating leads, collecting payments, distributing surveys, tracking page views and many more. Build forms in any language and for any device, add prices to forms, edit confirmation emails and customise thank you messages and more. 


Increase sales at your store via your Instagram content. Instafeed displays Instagram content on your store to create social proof and convert your store visitors into customers. 


Demystify digital marketing with a software platform that helps you build relationships online by understanding customer data, listening to customer insights, and then acting on them. 

Klaviyo shopify app

Rewards and Referrals by Swell

Discover a data-driven engagement platform powering eCommerce growth for over 5,000 merchants worldwide, aimed at increasing customer lifetime value and engagement for stores of all sizes with rewards that are far more than just discounts. 

Shopify logo apps

There’s an active market for products and services on Shopify; physical products, digital products, services and consultations, ticketed experiences, rentals, memberships, classes, lessons and more. 

The sky is truly the limit to what you can do on Shopify. There are countless different apps and tools that you can use to truly benefit your website and improve it in areas that you wouldn’t have even thought of before. 

If you are looking to start an eCommerce website, we are here to help. Here at Xune, we are a digital marketing agency built on the idea of growth and prosperity.

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