The Basics of CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation)

Conversion rate optimisation

Conversion rate optimisation involves strengthening and boosting your eCommerce website’s design, layout, ease of use and content. Doing this will enable you to get the best conversions possible for your online shop.

The Basics of A/B Testing Your eCommerce Website

basics of A/B testing

A Brief Intro to eCommerce A/B Testing A/B testing, also known as split testing, is an effective way to investigate and determine which design, functionality and content on your page is deemed the most successful to optimize your business. Using this, you can test variations of your page, or elements on your page, to see […]

Abandoned Cart Emails: Getting It Right First Time

abandoned cart email

What Are Abandoned Cart Emails  Abandoned cart emails are automated emails sent to customers who added items to their online shopping cart but then exited the site without purchasing. They are a greatly effective conversion optimisation technique in the eCommerce world as they reactivate lapsed customers. This reminder email, while they’re still in a buying […]

Creating An Email Marketing Plan

email marketing plan

Email marketing is an excellent way to keep and nurture your customers. A valuable email marketing plan will assist in gaining leads and sales for your business by capturing and engaging your audience. More than half of the world’s population used email in 2019 so there’s no doubt emailing is a popular form of communication. […]

Getting Started With Google Analytics

analytics to keep your eCommerce business strong

Ever wish you could turn uncertainty into certainty? Data is the answer. If you can add more information into your business decision making then it stands to reason you are more likely to see success. Analytics tools are excellent to utilise for gaining insight, improving your website and evaluating how well your business is doing. […]

How To Create Your Unique Selling Point

Foundations and Environment of a new eCommerce website.

As a business, you need to stand out from the crowd in order to grab people’s attention. Your USP is how you distinguish yourself from your business competitors in order to get on top. You may be asking yourself, how do you know what your unique selling point is? We’ll go through how you can […]

How to keep your eCommerce Business Going Strong

How to keep your eCommerce business going strong

You’ve got your eCommerce business up and running, it’s been steadily growing for a while now but you’ve noticed the growth slowing. How do you keep up the momentum of your business? Constantly evolving and improving your website is essential to sustaining your business and generating revenue. We’ll go through different ways you can introduce […]

Using Social Media to Kickstart your eCommerce website

Social Media Startup for eCommerce

Social media has taken over the 21st century. More and more people everyday are using social media frequently and on the go, so it’s a perfect way to get in some easy and effective marketing to get your business striving. So, where do you start with it? We’ll go through it to help you on […]

Creating Your First eCommerce Website

Creating your first website

Starting a website for the first time can be terrifying and make you feel clueless. If you have no idea where or how to start, this article could help you out with the basics of creating your eCommerce website.