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Misha Cunningham Xune Solutions Managing Director

Get Expert Support for Your Business Growth

The [email protected] Solution

We didn’t create new marketing terms to be “quirky”, [email protected] was born from a tried and tested system that we know get’s the results you’ve been looking for.

We work with our clients to build and grow their businesses through digital marketing. We know you’re the experts in your field and we’re the experts in ours. 

We bring you a marketing system that you can simply switch on and let us take care of the rest.

Are You Ready To...

Vastly increase the number of leads coming to your website?

Automatically nurture your leads to be more sales ready?

Halve your sales process?

Freeing you up to spend more time on other areas of your business.

It’s time to turn on [email protected]

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What's involved?

We take the time to fully understand your business and its unique brand. From here we mould your ideal customer(s), the people you want, and the people who need you.

Once we have your customer(s) shaped, we drop them into our system we've worked hard to perfect

Paid Advertising - Traffic Generation

Our specialist team of advertisers will take everything we’ve gathered about you, your ideal customers and fully onboard you onto an advertising platform.

Using our experience and extensive research, we’ll know just what makes your ideal customers tick and just how we can reach them.

Lead Magnet - Conversion

We’ve enticed potential customers onto your site, where do we go from here?

We stand by the saying that your website is the digital shopfront of a business, so we create professional web pages that your customers can convert on.

How do they do that? By filling out a form to request more information, or downloading a guide explaining your services.

Either way, we make well designed, effective pages that your potential customers will see and feel compelled to part with their email address for the content you’re offering.

Email Automation - Nurture

Once they’ve given their email in exchange for your offering, where do they go? Our [email protected] system places these contacts into a series of automated emails that are tailored to your business and services.

Once in, they’re automatically nurtured into sales readiness ready for your sales team to reach out and close those deals.

[email protected] is a dynamic system that ensures your prospects are sent the right information, at the right time. Not only that, we can also accommodate emails that nurture any existing customers or contacts, increasing your overall customer lifetime value, as well as bringing in new ones!

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Misha Cunningham Xune Solutions Managing Director

Get Expert Support for Your Business Growth