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The complete automated email marketing solution. [email protected] – everything your business needs to grow.

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marketing strategy, your digital marketing plan

Marketing Automation

Leverage powerful automations which take simple actions on your behalf. Easy to setup – you’ll soon be growing your company like a team three times your size.

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Email Marketing

Build welcome, abandoned cart and promotional emails, then connect with automation to show the right email at the right time. Plus you get unlimited sending. 

Technology to amplify the marketing message

Advanced Technology

[email protected] is capable of machine learning to leverage the power of full website & event tracking, and predictive lead scoring to help close more deals.

Helping You Save Time

Xune [email protected] – Sales & marketing email automation.

It’s like hiring an extra person to follow up with customers, respond to website leads and deliver timely cross-sell and up-sell reminders to your existing customers.

Marketers love it too – freeing them to get more strategic. Knowing that past conversion funnels will keep delivering leads, sales and engagement long after they were created.

Perfect for scrappy startups and lean marketing teams.

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Are you a scrappy StartUp, a growing ScaleUp or a more dominant LevelUp?


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Perfect for start ups looking to grow


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Perfect for scale ups looking to establish


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Your team, half the cost

Packed with powerful features


Stay in touch with customers

Craft beautiful emails to send to your customers, keeping you top of mind. Form a welcome series, abandoned cart or win-back sequence.


Increase Engagement

Trigger emails to fire by the actions your customers take automations allowing you to show the right content to the right person, at the right time.


Leverage Data Points

Site and event tracking show you the actions people take on your sales & marketing assets. Giving you clarity on your high value campaigns.


Invite all your team

Extremely generous user limits means you aren’t pay-gated. When your team expands, simply add them in a user.

marketing strategy, your digital marketing plan

The easy way to automate

Easy to use drag-and-drop interface allows the quick creation of drip emails, a/b tests and logic based workflows.


Grow Your Revenue

Deep reporting and attribution tools are provided so you can prove your return on investment.

Choose your self service plan and get started

Paid monthly, no contracts – cancel anytime.

Starting from £ 74 p/m Paid Monthly
Starting from £ 61 p/m Paid Yearly
  • Email Marketing – unlimited sends
  • Easily create beautiful emails
  • Marketing Automation
  • Create sequences of drip emails
  • Pre-built automation templates
  • Up to 3 users
Starting from £ 188 p/m Paid Monthly
Starting from £ 156 p/m Paid Yearly
  • Everything In Silver
  • Dynamic email content
  • Sales CRM
  • Sales Automations
  • Lead scoring
  • Create and automate Facebook custom audiences
  • Up to 25 users
Starting from £ 239 p/m Paid Monthly
Starting from £ 199 p/m Paid Yearly
  • Everything in Gold
  • Win probability powered by machine learning
  • Predictive sending powered by machine learning
  • Predictive email content powered by machine learning
  • Unlimited users
Auto Pilot
Starting from £ 477 p/m Paid Monthly
Starting from £ 398 p/m Paid Yearly
  • Everything In Platinum
  • Full-service marketing automation
  • Our team build your email campaigns
  • Increase Engagement & customer lifetime value
  • Easy on your digital marketing budget
  • Leverage Proven Strategies & Grow Your Revenue

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Concierge Onboarding

Our marketing strategy team will work with you on your company like its our own to quickly get you up and running.

You’ll receive an initial onboarding consultation followed by two branding & strategy workshops. We’ll then help you to craft the perfect automation strategy to swell your revenue.

We either work with your existing sales and marketing assets or we can design them on your behalf.

Either way, you’ll be engaging with your customer database, automating the existing cross-sell and up-sell opportunities and a/b testing your drip-sequences for increased revenue in no time.

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