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Basic eCommerce Conversion Optimisation Tips

Basic eCommerce Conversion Optimisation Tips

Converting visitors into fully paying customers is not as much of a mystery as many might consider it to be, once you’ve set your business growth goals and know what you’re aiming for. The aim of an e-commerce business is to offer customers value for money while proving just why they are also better than their competitors. However, along with this, it is important that e-commerce businesses plug into the behaviours of their visitors and buyers in order to increase e-commerce conversion rates. Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is an especially important factor for eCommerce growth.

The truth is that customers are in control. They can come and go as they wish and you can do everything in your power to make them stay but ultimately, the final decision is down to them. Despite this, what you can do, is play on their mindset and the way they behave by guiding them through the journey and helping to make up their minds for them.

Often, customers just need a nudge in the right direction as that is one way to decrease cart abandon rate. It is important that customers feel valued, so you need to think about their needs, take care of them and offer them a solution to their problem. When you do this right, you will find that you increase average order value along with your conversion rates and that will improve your overall profits.

So, if you understand how to increase CRO and make the right decisions, then it will ensure that customers really do decide to make a purchase from you.


A/B Testing

A/B Testing is all about ensuring that you give your visitors and customers exactly what they want, so you can create an effective digital marekting plan. When you carry out A/B Testing, you basically take your webpage or app and change it to create a second version. This can be a significant change or something as simple as moving a button. You then show half of your traffic the original and the other half the new version. You are then able to measure how many visitors become a conversion based on the version that you offered. This makes it possible for you to determine whether making a change to the experience worked in a positive or negative way. Google offers a free service known as Google Optimise, which can help you to determine just what makes your customers tick when they arrive at your website and is an important tool for eCommerce conversion optimisation.


Changing the Position of Buttons

The goal of any e-commerce site is to make the entire process as simple and as efficient for customers as possible. When the time comes for them to make a purchase or add items to their cart, they need to be given the easiest route possible. Therefore, you need to make the add to cart button stand out and easy to find. When you do this, you make it so simple for them to add items that they don’t even need to think twice about doing it. What you will need to think about is where that button is positioned across a number of devices. On a PC with a large monitor, it might be easy to spot but what happens when they start searching for items on a mobile device? You will need to make the button a sticky and ensure that it has a colour that really catches the eye.


Make the Benefits Known

Whether you are providing a service or a killer product, you are always providing a solution for your customers. So, a plumber will offer a service that provides a solution to a burst pipe or an e-commerce site selling hoovers will provide a solution to someone who likes to keep their home clean. Customers are informed as they often do their research before committing, so there is every chance that they know what the features are and so, you need to focus on the benefits. Tell them about the time it will save them, how they can use it, what it will offer them, how affordable it is on your store, and really drill the benefits home. The aim is to create one of those ‘light bulb’ moments where a customer realises that this product is definitely the one for them.


Exit Intent Pop-Ups

The aim is to keep customers engaged and interested in your business and the products you offer. Whether they have opted to add items to their cart or not, when they choose to leave a page, you should consider having exit intent pop ups that provide the customers with offers when they choose to leave. This will more than likely stop them in their tracks because this will give them something to think about and it could be the difference between them staying instead of leaving or purchasing more products than they had originally planned.


Remind Them Their Cart is Full or Send Them an Email

Many customers will choose to add items to their cart just to get an idea of what they are looking for while they will also use it to create a list of items which they can then choose from. However, there are many instances where they will leave a page and forget that their cart is full. Cart reminder push notifications are a great way of reminding them that their cart is full and that they should probably think about making a purchase.

Along with this, they might even leave the site completely but if you have their personal details, you can send them an abandoned cart email. This gentle reminder will indicate to them that they have still not made their purchase because there are instances where they might believe that they did actually go through with the process. For those who knowingly left with their cart full then it is a great way of enticing them back.


Social Proof

We live in an age where people like to keep up with each other and so, if you can show that others have purchased the same products and have given a glowing review of how it enhanced their life then you are likely to experience more conversions. This kind of feedback is real and it resonates with them in ways that perhaps product features or benefits will. When they know that there are others who are actually using the items for real, then they are more than likely going to want to do the same.

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