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The Basics of Amazon Affiliates – Create an A-Store

The Basics of Amazon Affiliates - Create an A-Store

What is Amazon Affiliates?

Amazon Affiliates is an affiliate marketing sales channel which generally requires very little capital expenditure except the time to make it a success. Of course time is money and if you are already a very busy person with work and other matters, then the relatively small referral kickbacks may put you off. However, where affiliate marketing really shines is the ability to write ‘fire and forget’ content which continues working for you. Again, and again, and again.

This process is also relatively straight forward also. Head over to the Amazon Affiliate page and sign up to their affiliate program. Grab some pre-made banners and a handful of product links and put them into your website for your visitors to click on as they browse your site. Clicks will send people away from your site so consider not placing affiliate links close to other more high value call to actions.

Underpin your affiliate site with a handful of detailed review and how to blog posts, these will ideally be keyword rich high ranking pages which will serve as landing pages to funnel traffic into your website. This core set of blogs will serve to be your cornerstone content and an organic search traffic beacon.

Aim to teach, mythbust or inspire.

Delving a little deeper into the Amazon affiliate marketing techniques opens the possibility of two ways of placing the referral cookie on your shoppers device. You can place a 24 hour cookie which will see you get a referral percentage on any items brought within 24 hours of you sending the customer to Amazon. The other method involves placing the items in the customers cart and locking in a 30 day cookie on only the items added to the basket, not any other items a customer may buy during that time.

Work Anytime

Earn money from home, by writing unique and engaging blog content and monetising your traffic using Amazon Affiliates.

Embrace Experiments

Experiment with different niche content, let your imagination run wild. Start off by reviewing items which you buy yourself.

Analyse Traffic

Connect and use Google Analytics and Search Console to measure the performance of your landing pages, and their ability to convert into clicks.

The secret to success using this method of cashflow generation is to be truly passionate about something. If you can generate a large amount of content around a subject that is close to your heart then you will find it easy to connect to like minded people around the world. This useful content will aid potential shoppers to examine the merits of whether to make their purchase or not. So try and relate the experience of using the items you are reviewing to real life scenarios. This will help to bring a human element into your content and will ensure your recommendations come across as genuine.

Helpful But Not Essential Key’s to Success

  • A passion for your niche.
  • Knowledge in keyword research
  • Website design which assists conversion
  • Analytical knowledge to review the website data



With a relatively low start up cost involved in getting started, an Amazon affiliate website can generate pocket money levels of income in quite a short space of time. What’s more, content you create will continue to work for you far into the future. As your content volume increases, the culminating effects which previously was considered pocket money can easily reach significant levels, such as over £500 a month of regular income.


ProTip: You don’t know what you don’t know. Knowledge is Power. Consider further reading.

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