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Benefits of Digital Marketing

Benefits of digital marketing

Making your website ‘live’ is no longer enough to be found by customers who are looking for you, gone are the days of building a website and getting traffic without taking additional steps to make this happen. If you don’t know already, learning what a digital marketing plan is and then creating one is essential to ensure your website, and therefore your online business success.

This has been something that eCommerce websites have taken time to catch up with, take a moment to ask yourself if your website might be one of them. Users of the internet are looking for answers to questions, they are often on a journey of discovery far before they decide to make a purchase, this is where digital marketing can be your website’s biggest asset and fuel your business growth.


Benefit 1: Getting found in Google

The first benefit of digital marketing is people knowing that you exist! Many businesses create websites and overlook the importance of the continual process of marketing. In reality, marketing should be a key investment for businesses looking to grow their online revenue, as creating assets to your brand and relevant information for visitors that helps Google to understand what you do and how you help so that it can deliver useful pages to people searching.

Your website content helps search engines to understand your credibility and authority in your industry and expertise by identifying keywords and search terms. Google is now able to comprehend not only the searches we do online, but the intent behind them. The opportunity here is not only to create ‘keyword friendly’ content but to go much further than that – your business needs to identify the journey your customers go through online. Break this journey into the steps they take and questions they have that lead to make a purchasing decision for your product or service – then use digital marketing to help them with relevant, useful and contextualised information.


Benefit 2: Building your Brand

The second benefit of digital marketing is building a strong brand. Potential customers are able to see your brand in multiple places, develop brand recognition and build trust in your company to solve their problems. Think of marketing as brand tendrils that extend into the web of the internet and greet your potential customers where they are online. Your brand can reach people when they are searching, when they are using social media or when they are streaming videos from YouTube.

Your digital marketing can show, not just tell your website visitors how awesome you are, they can build a relationship at whichever point they are at in their buyers journey. Using different digital marketing channels helps complete strangers discover your company and be delighted by it. So delighted that they will purchase from you, build long term relationships with you and rave about your company to other people. To do this we have the opportunity of using different marketing channels, or methods, to reach them – whether as blogs, videos or by using social media.


Benefit 3: Understanding return on investment

Digital marketing done right means that you can see whether or not your effort and investment is paying off. You can understand exactly what the result of your investments are and whether it is bringing more visitors to your website and turns those visitors into customers.

Getting visibility on your return on investment is vital to understanding if your business is surviving or thriving. Growth goals are built on strong marketing foundations and any effort you make in marketing should prove itself worthwhile. Not all marketing investments are instantaneous; advertising via search, display and social are probably some of the fastest, others employ long term strategies that have stackable results that build over time. For example, a piece of useful relevant content, if kept up to date and relevant to your audience, can continue to drive traffic to your website for years to come (not accounting for any drastic Google Algorithm shifts!).

All in all, digital marketing is an effective investment when you have a strategy that delivers on your smart growth goals. It requires time and investment but it’s a safe one. As every step of the way you can use data and numbers to support your decisions, increase your wins and do less of the things that don’t resonate with you or your audience.

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