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Benefits of Email Marketing: A Must For Small Businesses

Benefits of Email Marketing: A Must For Small Businesses

Email Marketing has transformed the online business landscape for good. From the largest corporations, all the way down to the smallest of online businesses, using Email Marketing has a wide range of benefits that can help grow your business and help it reach new levels of success.

In this article, we will go over these benefits and expand on why you should invest into Email Marketing. It can have an astounding impact on your marketing and subsequent sales/leads. 

Email Marketing is a Key to Success for Small Businesses

Email Marketing is giving smaller businesses a chance to compete with the big ones. Smaller companies are now growing their businesses rapidly through the use of frequent emails to potential customers, leading to growth and an increase in sales.

When a customer receives an email from a smaller business, curiosity leads to them visiting your website. If you have a good quality website with content for customers to consume, this will lead to a lot more sales/leads than before. This is a main benefit of Email Marketing, especially relevant for the smaller businesses.

Email Marketing Benefits

The process of Email Marketing has many different advantages that can help you grow your business. Here are some of our favourite benefits of Email Marketing:

Improving Customer Experience

By sending informative, helpful emails with relevant content, the customer experience is certainly going to improve. You can use Email Marketing to make your customers feel welcome, thankful and positively about your brand.

For example, sending a thank you email after a customer has made a purchase will give them reassurance that your business is providing them with the right product.

Generating Quality Leads

Using Email Marketing, you can generate leads that are relevant and likely to become a customer in the future. This is due to the fact that you can create separate emails for separate buyer personas, and use the content on the email to appeal to these certain buyer persona groups. 

This not only leads to higher quality leads, but subsequently more sales and a more loyal customer-base for your business.

Building Your Brand Trust

Sending frequent emails to your customers/leads can help develop a brand trust like no other. Nurturing your customers and giving them content and information will build up trust and loyalty to your brand, which will then lead to more sales.

In a world where competition is abundant and starting a business is commonplace, having strong brand trust is key to a successful online business. This is an important benefit of Email Marketing.

Boosting Sales

Email Marketing brings awareness to your business to many different people. If you have a large amount of email addresses saved, and you send all of them an email marketing your new product, you are very likely to boost sales.

This means that you are gaining sales that you normally wouldn’t have, all through Email Marketing.

Increasing Web Traffic

In the emails you send to your contacts, you are likely to include a link to your website, or some of the emails may be dedicated to promoting your website. This will lead to an increase in website traffic.

Through this, the journey that leads to purchases on your website should lead the increase in traffic to an increase in sales.

Email Marketing benefits

Easy to Track and Analyse

In the majority of Email Marketing software, a report/track section is included. This is to help with analytics: understanding what you are doing well and what you need to improve with your emails.

If people are not opening the emails, this could mean that you need to improve the subject text. If the bounce rate (the rate that people are leaving) is high, this could mean that the call-to-action (urging the visitor to do something) is ineffective etc. 

It's a Cost Effective Solution

Compared to all the other marketing options that are available, Email Marketing always comes on top as one of the most cost effective ways to market your business. Using Email Marketing will result in more money to spend on other marketing endeavours such as ads and content creation.

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