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Boosting Startup Productivity: G-Suite Collaboration in Docs

Boosting Startup Productivity: G-Suite Collaboration in Docs


How can G-Suite Support a Startup Productivity?

As approved members of the G-Suite referral programme Xune Solutions is excited to share with new startups some of the productivity boosting features that can be unlocked with a G-Suite account.

G-Suite allows businesses to collaborate and communicate more efficiently, using tools such as GMail, Hangouts, Forms and Sites to name a few. This post looks into the most beneficial features of Google Docs, Sheets and Slides for a startup.

Anyone with a Google Account is able to access these apps. A versatile and free version of Microsoft’s alternatives, Word, Excel and Powerpoint as well as Apple’s Pages, Numbers and Keynote. Startups and Sole Traders cannot overlook the value of using G-Suite to brand outgoing emails, create templates for your entire team to access and update.


Ever been working on a big project and not been sure how to your get your team working together?

G Suite can offer a dynamic new option for companies looking to bring their communication systems into the 21st century. Gone are the days of emailing a document to a colleague for a review, where they have to save a local copy, make edits and forward it back. Leaving you with 10 different versions saved before you’ve even come close to having the final version ready.


Unlimited Storage

The beauty of cloud storage is space and time freedom. Intuitive cloud storage removes the inconvenience of feeling every so often that a filing spring clean needs to be done. When using Google docs, sheets or slides there is an unlimited cloud storage option and even when transferring Word documents or Pages documents into Google, the file can simply be transferred into Google format and become part of the unlimited cache.

Anyone familiar with a computer can reap these benefits and gain peace of mind from maintaining laptop storage and efficiency. Folders, files and file searching can all be completed within a few clicks so every member of the team can use this to to their advantage.


Automatic Saving

Gone are the days of closing a document and realising that it wasn’t saved. Automatic Saving does what it says on the tin. As a document is created, even before it is named, a copy is saved into Drive storage and is updated with any additional changes.

Hassle free creation and planning with the addition perks of revision being assigned to a log in. It’s easier to manage how your documents are kept up to date.


Instant Collaboration

Multiple users can create, work on and edit the same document. If a member of staff leaves, their documents and all they’ve worked on can be transmitted steered in ownership in a couple of clicks. No data lost, no down time.

For meetings, projects and budgets the collaboration frees up time. Colleagues can comment, include links and notes to one another.

Any range of digital skills within a company can apply themselves to G-Suite Docs and be valuable. It makes data sharing accessible to all the team and makes your company more efficient.

How to get Started

Gaining full access to G-Suite for your startup has never been more simple, set up your personalised domain and create all your user accounts with shared inboxes and up to 30 aliases per user in less time than an afternoon meeting!

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