Email Marketing Basics: Re-monetising Your Past Customers

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Generally, every marketing plan aims at getting new customers on their list with the ultimate goal of moving every subscriber from the unprofitable group into a profitable group. Marketers can acquire new subscribers and point their attention to available products by sending personalised emails with individualised content. Working with the right audience segments, they send […]

Abandoned Cart Emails: Getting It Right First Time

abandoned cart email

What Are Abandoned Cart Emails  Abandoned cart emails are automated emails sent to customers who added items to their online shopping cart but then exited the site without purchasing. They are a greatly effective conversion optimisation technique in the eCommerce world as they reactivate lapsed customers. This reminder email, while they’re still in a buying […]

Creating An Email Marketing Plan

email marketing plan

Email marketing is an excellent way to keep and nurture your customers. A valuable email marketing plan will assist in gaining leads and sales for your business by capturing and engaging your audience. More than half of the world’s population used email in 2019 so there’s no doubt emailing is a popular form of communication. […]

Reactivate lapsed customers with email automation

Reactivate lapsed customers with email automation

Unlocking the latent customer lifetime value of your past customers Have you ever looked back through your past customer history and counted the revenue you’d bring into your business if you got even 20% of them to reorder with you this month or the next? Email automation could really help you bring in that extra […]