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Creating An Email Marketing Plan

email marketing plan

Email marketing is an excellent way to keep and nurture your customers. A valuable email marketing plan will assist in gaining leads and sales for your business by capturing and engaging your audience. More than half of the world’s population used email in 2019 so there’s no doubt emailing is a popular form of communication. So, how do you create a successful email marketing plan?



Establish Goals For Email Marketing

A good start to your plan would be to establish and set business goals for your email marketing campaign. Emails can get you achieving plenty of reachable goals but you have to have an idea what you’re reaching for in order to obtain it. Ask yourself what is the purpose of your business’s email marketing campaign? Some goals to consider are: 

  • Do you want to boost engagement?
  • Create a campaign to welcome new subscribers (to build a relationship with them), 
  • increase conversions or nurture existing customers? 

Setting a goal up front means you can steer your email content in the right direction in order to accomplish your desired goals. 



Know Your Audience

Being conscious of your buyer persona allows you to effectively target and attract the right customers. It would prove to be a waste of time emailing customers that aren’t interested in your businesses. It’s also important to make sure you have the right level of consent when asking people for their email address. Your buyer persona can help you with creating an effective strategy leading to higher open rates, which in turn leads to higher conversion rates, for your business. In addition, knowing your ideal customer makes it easier to work out what problems they may face and how you can solve them, this is a good way to boost your brand credibility and build strong customer relationships. 


Build an Email List

In order to attract the right customers you need to build your email list. This means sending personalised and targeted emails to subscribers. An easy way to do this is including a subscribe button on your website in various locations that might get their attention. This is a great way to get people who are interested in your business/products, making them more likely to engage with your emails and be pleased to hear from you.


Create Relevant Subject Lines

Subject lines are usually the first thing people see when your email lands in their inbox so give them the information they need to see if it’s worth their time. Having a solid subject line that’s relevant and engaging to your customers is vital for high open rates. Creating captivating subject lines that get a customer curious and interested in your emails will be reflected in increased open rates so this is something to monitor and test different versions over time. A/B tests can be a simple way to test one subject line to another to see which performs best.



The content of your email is the main aspect of your email marketing campaign. It needs to be relevant, relatable and high quality for your target audience. It’s also important to consider your brand’s tone of voice in your emails and keep it consistent throughout. Emailing is an excellent way to build a relationship with customers – not just your website visitors. If you’re emailing someone who is already a customer the information they want is likely to be different from that of a website visitor who wants more product info. Tailor your message to the audience segments in your mailing list. 


Schedule Emails

To keep people up to date with your products/business and build a strong relationship, you need to stay in contact regularly so they don’t forget about you. Consistency is key so your readers get used to hearing from you and develop the habit of looking out for your emails. You can ask people how much they want to hear from you when they sign up or use your email analytics to work the best frequency out.   However, be sure to avoid sending emails too often otherwise people may find your emails annoying and unsubscribe. For extra ease and efficiency consider using email automation to keep up with your emails. Have a plan and stick to it, create themes and series that link to your other marketing efforts (blogs and social campaigns) so people are seeing a consistent brand message.



Just like a website, a badly designed email is likely to discredit your brand. Have a clear and simple layout that makes it easy to read and avoids the content looking crowded. Keep your content simple with short paragraphs and avoid rambling. It’s important to include a call to action button to get customers to interact and take the desired action in the email. Don’t forget to include all your company’s details in the footer to keep a professional look and feel.


Get Emailing!

When creating any marketing strategy it’s important to plan and remember the overall business goals. In this case, there are a few things to keep in mind when crafting your email marketing plan. Before you begin creating any emails, you need to figure out your business goals, who you’re targeting your emails to and the purpose of your emails. Once you have completed this, then it’s time to think about email content, design and scheduling to achieve a successful outcome.

If email marketing is something new to you and your business or you just want some professional guidance, feel free to book a call to discuss your email marketing plan. 

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