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Digital Marketing for Growth in UK Manufacturing

Digital Marketing for Growth in UK Manufacturing

A Digital Marketing Plan is the effort of raising awareness and knowledge of your company and brand online. Its a term that covers a wide variety of traffic generating and engagement efforts across multiple channels, for example, email marketing, social media and blogging are all effective examples of attracting strangers onto your site to become visitors and turning those visitors into customers.

Inbound growth marketing is a revolution within marketing that provides a competitive advantage by serving the website visitors first. Turning the sales journey on its head growth marketing aims to meet the customer online at any point of their buying journey. Buyers now have the power in transactions, not salespeople.

Many internet users start their purchasing journey on a search engine, looking for solutions to a current problem or challenge and then comparing possible solutions to one another before they buy. Whether your business transactions are B2C or B2B, the buyer has the power to seek out the best fit solution. Growth marketing enables companies to be useful to their customers, building brand relationships so when it comes to buying, the company who implements inbound marketing is the one most likely to win the contract.

Manufacturers that fail to capitalise on their digital presence are letting revenue pass them by as visitors move to websites that market better. Websites can no longer be a glorified business card, but need to work to optimise the visitor experience to support a sale.


Opportunities to manufacturers with growth marketing strategies

The potential for using growth marketing in manufacturing is huge; an industry traditionally that is ‘behind the times’ digitally, we cannot forget in B2B that businesses are still run by people and those people start their research online. Using inbound strategies allow you to get found in search ahead of their competitors.

When visitors arrive on your website they can be helped towards making a decision that meets their needs. Many manufacturing companies are long standing, full of expertise and specialisms, so sharing this wealth of industry knowledge builds trust with prospects as well as nurturing current customers and distributors throughout the sales cycle. Not everyone is ready to buy when they visit your website, so having a website with information that is relevant, informative and up to date is what will keep them on your website rather than leaving to visit a competitor.


Marketing opportunities for growing revenue

Growth marketing is about putting the website user front and centre, understanding their journey and showing them relevant information to support that path. This improves the quality of leads coming through the website, and visitors are nurtured to take certain actions (like downloading a useful resource) that indicate when the sales team need to pick up the phone. A website can be optimised for these engagements and provide valuable sales signals so marketing and sales can align to prove return on investment.

There are massive gains to be made by companies willing to step their marketing up with inbound marketing, a UK manufacturing company saw an increase in eCommerce sales of 27% and increased transaction value by 32% in 20 months. Bringing together all the tools they were using to manage marketing, prospects, leads and sales under one platform, enabled clarity on the sales cycles and increased productivity so that hot leads were followed by in a more timely manner and the website generated good fit quality leads.


Sales Opportunities for growing revenue

Inbound sales and marketing means using an integrated approach that reduces sales cycles and allows better management of contacts. Implementing an all in one system means staying connected with current customers as well as lost leads. Using tools for automation so these clients can be nurtured throughout sales cycles that may take months, keeping your company front of mind when purchasing decisions are being made as well as prompting your sales team to follow up in a timely manner.

Growth marketing also enables increased customer lifetime value, helping your company increase average contract value with up-sell and cross opportunities on your website and throughout the sales cycle. Create a consistent sales experience no matter who is at the end of the phone/email by having the software to deliver.


Getting ahead of your manufacturing competition with growth marketing

Inbound marketing works towards your business growth goals and uses the global number 1 platform to integrate marketing, sales and services under one roof. It offers the competitive advantage in customer acquisition, lead generation and return on investment.

Growth marketing offers the ability to measure return on investment in the same way advertising does. Its simple to attribute sales to marketing efforts as we can measure the activity of visitors as well as number of engagements, leads generated and customers acquired. It also means future company growth is stabilised and reduces risk for any marketing investment. For example, if growth marketing can show after 12 months that for every £1 that is spent on marketing it results in £100 in sales – who wouldn’t want to keep working with that kind of return!

Growth marketing is the future of digital growth within B2B sales, if you are looking to improve the lead generation on your website and get better quality prospects for your sales team then discuss your current needs and challenges with us and we’ll see how Xune Solutions can help launch your growth marketing.

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