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Does Cheap Website Design Always Mean Bad Website Design?

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Website design is becoming more and more essential for businesses across the world in order to get their message across and gain new customers. With the rise of the world wide web, people find new brands, information and ideas through the internet rather than in real life.

Building a smart website with a high-quality website design is something that you should strive for as a business/website owner, as it will help to increase your traffic and grow your website.

The design of your website can determine what people think of it, which is why avoiding bad website design is essential. Many people associate cheap website design with bad website design, but is this always the case?

In this article, we are going to discuss bad website design and whether having a cheap website means it is a bad website design.

What is the Actual Cost of a Cheap Web Design?

The cost of website design varies depending on a range of different factors. For example, the designer of the website and their experience, the time designated to spend on the design and so forth.

Due to the fact that there are many different website designers on the internet, it can be hard to put an exact cost of a cheap website design, but usually, you’d expect to pay between £200-500 for a cheaper website design. This does not necessarily mean that it’s a bad website design.

How to Spot The Bad Website Design

To know whether your website has a bad website design, there are a few things that you can look into to determine the quality. Here are some things to pay attention to:

Non-Responsive Layout

A non-responsive layout means that the layout will not move around depending on the screen size, the device used and other factors. This means that the visitor won’t be getting the best experience for their device.

Website Connection Is Not Secure

If a website connection is not secure, this means that visitor information could be leaked and the website is more vulnerable to hacking and fraud. It is important to include a secure website connection to avoid bad website design.

Difficult To Find Important Information

Making it easy for visitors to find important information should be a priority within website design. If visitors find it difficult to get the important information they deserve, that is a good indication that the website design needs to be improved.

Using The Comic Sans Font

This one is a bit light-hearted, but using fonts that are unprofessional is a sign of a bad website design. Fonts, colours and sizing should be focused on throughout the website design process.

The Difference Between Low Cost and High-Cost Web Designers

There are many different website designers on the internet perfect for building your website. Here are some of the differences between the two that you will find:

The Size of The Agency

High-Cost website designers typically have a larger agency to work with, meaning more people working on your website and a higher chance of success going forward.

Services Included In The Package

Many High-Cost website designers include more services within their packages compared to lower-cost agencies, such as marketing and performance work.

Brand Reputation

Typically, a higher-cost website designer will have a better brand reputation or be more well-known compared to lower-cost website designers, meaning you will have a harder time finding a lower-cost website designer than a higher-cost one.

Should I Go For a Cheap Website Design?

It is completely up to you whether you want to go for a cheap website design or a higher-cost one, but we recommend doing what is best for you and your financial situation. If you have the funds and desire for a higher-cost website, then go for it. If not, a lower-cost website can still become successful.

Here at Xune Solutions, we offer website design services in order to help people build their dream website and get stuck into the world of the internet. If you haven’t already, take a look at our Services Brochure to see what we offer for website design and to understand our mindset when it comes to building your website.

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