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How To: Add Google Analytics to EKM

How To: Add Google Analytics to EKM

Just Like Any Other Website, Analytics is Essential, EKM is No Different

The Feature Manager section is the plugin section of other website building platforms.

For EKM this is where you can download the ‘Google Tools’ feature which removes the need to go into thesection of the website source code to paste the analytics code to link the website to your account.

Measurable traffic based data is vitally important for business growth – without knowing where your customers are coming from online it can be hard to expand your reach. With so many options for eCommerce, chucking resources – time & money at any option could mean big outlays without the return investments.

Business is far less risky if you can bet on the winning horse. Analytics gives you the insights to create clear digital advertising plans to achieve your growth goals.

Google Analytics will tell you 4 main things:

  • Who your audience is – including key demographic information such as average age, gender, device usage and geo-location
  • How you acquired your audience – including the channels which are your main driver of traffic, and the engagement metrics broken down by these different channels
  • What your audience does on your website – including a very detailed deep dive into page speed timings, landing pages and exit pages
  • How much your customer is worth to you – including comprehensive conversion stats once you’ve set up goals for your website, including eCommerce transactions and seeing where people are dropping off in your purchase funnel


Having Google Analytics plugged in is therefore an essential part of business growth and expansion.

So, Under the Feature Manager Section:

  • Search for ‘Google Tools’.
  • Install and Download this ‘feature’
  • Copy the tracking code from your Google Analytics Account
  • Paste it into the section ‘Google Analytics Tracking Code’


In this Google Tools feature, there is also a place to enter the code for Adwords Conversion Tracking and a Google Verification Meta-tag – which Google uses to authenticate you as the owner of the domain.


Google Analytics is an essential tool for eCommerce and business owners in the digital world. A simple plugin and code entry is enough to link your site to your analytics and watch the numbers roll in.


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