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How To: Set Up EKM to Sell Online

How To: Set Up EKM to Sell Online

Selling online is a route to passive income generation. Here begins a series of How To set up EKM and transition from web page designing to the first sale. As the UK’s largest eCommerce platform many people in the UK are drawn to it’s focus on serving those of us from Blighty and decide to start their online retail journey with EKM’s simplicity and ability to scale.

This article is designed for those in the start-up phase with limited budget to grow yet want to set strong foundations to build upon. If you have more available fund in the advertising warchest then the cost for a simple subscription to a web builder then consider Shopify as an alternative. With that being said, let’s crack on.

An EKM How To

Let’s start at the beginning:

  1. Click the EKM banner above to receive an offer for double the free trial (28 days instead of 14 days).
  2.  Choose plan.
  3.  Start on the bottom tier plan. This will give you 28 days to get started and generate your first sales to cover the cost of the website.


Enter your card details, no money gets taken at this stage so you can get started and make a note to set aside £30 from your next paycheck as an investment in your new online store.

NB: Note that the standard trial is 14 days, and may display in your dashboard. Creating an account through a link on this page gives you an extra 14 days after the timer expires to polish your online storefront and make your first sales.

Go into it with your eyes open, understand that you’ll be spending £30 a month on a hobby that could change your life.

Sow Now What You Will Reap Later

Choose your industry category. It doesn’t matter if you don’t fully know whether the idea you have is a good one. Resolve to use it as an experiment to see whether you have what it takes to create a successful online store. And be comforted by the fact that almost 4 billion people are online today. There is almost certainly going to be a demand for what you are selling.

Pick a theme


Browse the selection of pre-made themes. These themes have been pre-designed with the consumer in mind. Aiding discovery of your goods through best practice SEO around user experience and site speed. While creating a friction-less purchase journey for the buyers of your wares.

That’s it! Your online store is ready to go. All you need to do now is add your products!

Pay attention to the tutorial. It’s detailed enough to give you the tools you need to craft a successful online store, without overwhelming you with too much of the finer details. And make sure you set up your Google Analytics tracking code in the EKM dashboard, Google Analytics is fantastic at giving you helpful insights which you can optimise your business with.




Remember that EKM prides itself on the high degree of customer service that they are able to offer during your initial setup. If you have questions about how to do certain things, or simply want a bit of advice from the experts on how to squeeze more out of your online store, your dedicated account manager is only an email away. For more complex questions, expect to receive a much-welcomed phone call to talk through your route to success.

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