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Top 10 Most Effective Email Marketing Examples

Effective email marketing examples


Email Marketing is becoming more and more essential to the success of a business online. As the internet age progresses, email is becoming another main tool in driving customer engagement and providing them with content, and it is effective at doing so.


From a business perspective, email marketing should not be ignored. In 2019, more than 3.9 billion people were active email users. This means that you have an opportunity to get in touch with a vast amount of people and should take advantage of such a tool. 

In this article, we are going to discuss our top ten most effective email marketing examples, and what makes them special compared to other email marketing campaigns.

What Makes An Email Marketing Campaign Effective?

There are many factors that can determine the effectiveness of an email marketing campaign. Have you put thought into writing your headline? What about the copywriting? 

It takes a smart approach to email marketing in order to reap the benefits that it has to offer. If your email marketing campaign is having a positive impact on sales, impressions or leads, then it can be seen as effective by some.

Others need specific goals met with sales/impressions in order to call the campaign a success. The key is to focus on the emails themselves, what content you are going to be providing the reader and how they can benefit from reading what you have to say.

10 Examples of Effective Email Marketing Campaigns

There have been many email marketing campaigns over the years, completed by a range of different businesses with different goals/priorities. Here are some of our favourite email marketing examples:

If you would like to save these examples, we created a downloadable for you. Take advantage of the information in this downloadable as you can create your own successful email marketing campaign with similar strategies. 


Starbucks frequently sends interactive, engaging emails for their customers to read. With the inclusion of welcoming images and giving the customers more than one call-to-action (CTA), we believe this to be a successful email marketing campaign. 


Starbucks as one of email marketing examples

Neil Patel - UberSuggest

Neil Patel is well known in the marketing world for his clever SEO tactics and marketing strategies, so it is not surprising that one of his emails would make it onto this list. Using a more basic format, Neil successfully manages to keep his audience engaged and even includes a CTA without using any images or design template, which is impressive.

Ubersuggest as one of the email marketing examples


MyFitnessPal have a good technique with email marketing, including CTAs to interesting articles that are made to inform and help the customer. This is inbound marketing at its finest and deserves to be mentioned.

MyFitnessPal as one of the email marketing examples


With Grammarly, the email is precise and clear. It has informative and persuasive text and a clear CTA, enticing the reader to purchase their premium package. This email marketing example shows the correct way of trying to improve sales/leads through email.

Grammarly as one of the email marketing examples


Spotify takes personalisation to a whole new level. From the custom statistics that are displayed, to the personal touch of the music genre/songs that you listen to, this is a great way to encourage customer retention and build relationships with those customers.

Spotify as one of the email marketing examples


MyProtein does not include much text, with more of a focus on the CTAs. This technique is successful in its own right, as it makes the purpose of the email clear for the reader and those who are interested will click through.

MyProtein as one of the email marketing examples


McDonalds have utilised the voucher method. In this email marketing example, they have enticed the reader to download their app through the use of a voucher. With a brilliant design and a great CTA, this method has proven to be successful for McDonalds.

McDonalds as one of the email marketing examples


Quora has a very personalised email marketing campaign. When visiting their website at least once, they pick up on the things that you enjoy and will send you frequent emails like this one below. It has worked significantly in Quora’s favour.

Quora as one of the email marketing examples


Uber Eats are very successful with their email marketing. In this example, they are informing the customer on an offer that is present on their app. This is done frequently, which will give the customer a more positive view on the company, and subsequently use it more. 

UberEats as one of the email marketing examples


Similar to some of the other emails above, AirBnB uses less text than normally placed on an email. Instead, they fill the email with colourful, interactive CTAs and images that are likely to entice customers. Using images the right way can turn an average email into a successful one.

AirBnb as one of the email marketing examples

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