Email Marketing 101: Everything You Need To Know

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Email marketing is a powerful and effective way to grow your business. However, you might not know much about email marketing, how to do it or how it can benefit your business and that’s why we’re putting all the information you could possibly need to know about email marketing right here.  

What is Email Marketing?

In a nutshell, email marketing is using emails to market your business or products and services. These days, the majority of online businesses utilise the extensive powers of email marketing. As an extremely effective way to market, it would be a missed opportunity not to use emails for your business.

Emails can be sent to give customers incentives, such as offers and discounts, announce important updates about your company, reactivate lapsed customers, reduce abandoned carts or simply to keep customers engaged and stay in touch to build strong customer relationships as well as increase brand loyalty.

Why is Email Marketing so Important for Small Businesses

Email marketing can be incredibly useful for small businesses. Email marketing can give small businesses the chance to be just as successful as the larger ones and scale to an incredible level in a shorter period of time. It could even be the aspect of your business that is needed to save your small business from failing.

Consumers these days prefer to be contacted by a business through email. In 2019 there were 3.9 billion people using email and in 2023 it’s expected to grow further, to 4.3 billion! This is an enormous amount of people and the potential reach for your business could be astronomical if you play your cards right.

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Reasons Why Many Small Businesses Fail

One of the scariest thoughts when starting a business, is ‘what if I fail?’. Knowing the common reasons businesses fail can really help you on your journey to ensure you don’t make the same mistakes.

One of the biggest reasons small businesses fail is because people, or not enough people, actually know you exist. People aren’t going to buy from you if they don’t even know you’re out there to buy from.

Another common reason businesses fail is because they don’t effectively solve the problem of the consumer. Consumers look to businesses to solve their problem, whether this is needing a new washing machine because their’s broke or to find a good restaurant to enjoy an evening meal on holiday. They may not seem like ‘problems’ but not having a washing machine when you need one is a problem, as is not having anywhere to eat on holiday. A restaurant will solve the problem of not having anywhere to eat and a company that sells washing machines will solve the person’s problem of not having a dishwasher. 

Establishing an ideal buyer persona is essential for a successful business. Without having a clear idea of who to target, you could end up putting time and energy into a group of people that aren’t interested in what you do or sell.

Significant Email Marketing Benefits

Email marketing has a magnitude of excellent benefits when it comes to growing a successful business. One of the biggest benefits being the chance to build relationships and increase your customer loyalty. By sending regular emails to your prospects, you can work to build a relationship with them. Having this relationship and retaining customers can massively boost brand loyalty, increasing customer lifetime value which increases the chances of referral to family and friends (an excellent free marketing tool).

Another one of the most significant email marketing benefits is the increase in website traffic and lead generation. A well written and well-crafted email with a stand out call to action can lead to an immense amount of traffic to your website, including attracting new leads. The increase in website traffic, should, in turn, increase your sales.

The third biggest benefit is how cost-effective email marketing is. Email marketing, out of all the ways there is to market, will always be one of the best ways to market cost-effectively.

Email Marketing Statistics

How to Develop Your Email Marketing Strategy

Creating an email marketing strategy sounds more complicated than it actually is. With a few simple steps, you can create the perfect email marketing strategy for your business.

Create a Checklist for Your Email Marketing Campaign

A checklist is an excellent visual aid to ensure your campaign has everything it needs. It would normally look something like this:

Get Your Mailing List

In order to develop your email marketing campaign, you need a good mailing list. There are a few ways to create or expand your mailing list. One of the best ways is with forms. There are simple forms that can be strategically placed or there are pop up forms.

Pop up forms are small pop-ups that appear on certain pages or when a user has clicked something with relevancy. People can easily and quickly fill in these forms. A simple form at the end of a blog or landing page, encouraging people to sign up to receive emails/weekly newsletter or however your business runs their emails can work well to build your mailing list.

Segment Your Audience

Segmenting your audience is when you separate your audience into different groups based on interests/hobbies, demographics, locations etc. You might be asking, why bother? But segmenting your audience is extremely beneficial, more so than you might think. With segmenting your audience, you can further personalise and better target your emails so they resonate with the people they are going to even more effectively.

Develop Personalised Emails

Most people are fully aware that companies are almost always trying to sell their products or services. So getting an email from a company often feels like one that you can ignore. You know it’s been sent to thousands of other people with the purpose of making a sale or benefitting the company in some way, so it’s not always appealing. Using one of the principles of psychology to your advantage and the fact that people are attracted to personalisation can help increase your email’s open rates. For example, using the recipient’s name in the subject line of your email can help to grab their attention and make it feel less like a company just trying to get something out of you. It comes across as more friendly, and as though you as a company are talking directly to them about something they need to know about.

Set up an Email Automation

Email automation is incredibly helpful. Sending the right email to the right people is essential, but so is sending the right email, to the right people at the right time. Email automation can help you do this. With automation, emails can be triggered by a customer taking a certain action either on your website, the email you sent or something else. For example, if someone from your mailing list clicks on a certain button on a website, it could trigger an email to purchase or check out a similar product. This quick reaction from the email automation allows you to target people at exactly the right time without having to do a thing.

What Will Make My Email Marketing Campaign Work Effectively?

Understanding Your Audience

One of the most important things about running any successful campaign is understanding and mapping out your buyer persona(s). Understanding where your audience is coming from, how they prefer to be communicated with and what they need from you, in doing this you can help build valuable relationships with your customers.

One of the most effective ways to understand your audience is to create buyer personas. Buyer personas are semi-fictional representations of your ideal customer. This usually involves creating a profile, including a name, job, age, location, communication preference, hobbies and interests, commonly faced problems, what they need from your business and how your business can help them. Creating a detailed buyer persona allows you to easily identify who you are targeting, how best to target them and what you should be targeting them with. It also allows you to easily separate different ideal customers, each buyer persona can have a different name, allowing you to keep a particular buyer persona in mind easier when creating email content.

Strategic Email Design

Emails that draw the user’s attention to the CTA at the bottom are ideal. There are many ways to design your email in a strategic way. CTA’s or Call To Actions as they are also known, are buttons, images or text that encourage the user to take an action, for example a ‘Buy Now’ button is a call to action.

One of the best ways of doing this is to create a ‘V’ effect down the email page. Meaning, start off wider and get narrower as you go down the email with images/words etc so the ‘v’ shape layout leads the reader’s eye to the CTA at the bottom. 

Another excellent way is to keep the design simple and easy to read whilst not being completely boring. Include your brand’s colours throughout the email, make it look inviting but also making it readable for the user to easily find information. Another great way is designing an ‘in your face’ email. Using bold, exciting colours, images and icons that attract the attention of the reader. When doing this, you do still need to ensure the email is perfectly clear and readable.

The way you design your email will differ depending on your brand and your target audience. If you’re a brand that commonly uses very bold advertising, a bolder email would suit you better. If your business tends to keep things sleek and simple, your email design should reflect that. 

Xune Email Marketing Example

Email Marketing 101 Xune Solutions Email CTA example

Choosing the Right Timing for Your Emails

Timing can mean everything in the marketing world. Knowing when to send the right email to the right people is only two-thirds of the job. You also need to send it at the right time. The right time isn’t a question that we can generalise and answer, as it depends on the type of business you own and your target audience(s).

Successful Real-Life Email Campaign Examples

Email Marketing Successful Email Example

This marketing email from Uber is the perfect example of a simple but effective professional email. They went for an email that was simple and to the point but quick and easy to read. This is the perfect way for Uber to advertise to their customers as they have most likely identified that most of their customers are busy people trying to get to the places they need to be without hassle. This email is no hassle, nothing over the top and easy to read on the go. The offer itself is perfect for those using Uber for their common journeys and commutes as the offer directly targets and helps with the costs of those journeys. 


The call to action is clear and obvious to the reader clearly displaying what it’s for and, as quite a bold colour, it’s hard for people to miss. High quality, relevant images help keep the email looking sleek and professional without drawing attention away from the important text and CTA. This email displays clearly who the email is from, what its purpose is, how it can help the consumer and keeps it simple and easy but perfectly effective.

To explore more ideas for your successful email marketing, have a look at our blog Top 10 Most Effective Email Marketing Examples.

Do Email Marketing the Right Way - Do & Don'ts

Don’t Get Sent to Spam

Your emails could be going to spam for a multitude of reasons. If you are sending too many emails in a short period of time, your subscribers could flag them as spam. Another common reason your emails could be going straight to people’s spam folders is because they didn’t ask to be emailed. Emailing people when they haven’t opted in to be emailed by you, may flag it as spam as they’re not interested or don’t know/can’t remember who you are along with this, it’s not GDPR compliant to email someone who hasn’t consented to being emailed.

Someone who isn’t interested in the emails they are receiving or find that they don’t have any relevance to them, the likelihood is that they will bin the email and if they keep getting them, send the emails straight to spam.

Don’t Bombard Customers with Emails

Sending too many emails in a relatively short period of time is a big no. No one wants to get bombarded with emails from anyone, so doing this is a sure-fire way to get your emails sent straight to spam. Not only does this ruin your email marketing efforts but it can also cause you to lose customers, you could come across as only desperate to make sales and not having the customer’s interest at the forefront of your business.

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Do Personalise Emails

Personalised anything is the way to people’s hearts and emails have no exception. In a sea of emails, having your own name thrown into the mix will stand out far more to people scanning through their inbox than those that are generic.

How Does Our Marketing Software Work?

Our in-house Xune email automation system, [email protected], works by creating email automations and campaigns that succeed in reaching your goals. [email protected] will give you more time to focus on the other aspects of your business, giving you the chance to push you and your business further and achieve success.

We Create a Full Email Marketing Strategy for Your Business

From start to finish we can create a comprehensive email marketing strategy. Including professionally researched target audience, effective email template designs, strong written copy, a bold CTA, essential and relevant mailing lists with segmentation and regular optimisation and reviews.

Setting Up an Email Automation that Benefits Your Brand

Our automation system allows you to find exactly the right trigger to ensure your series of emails are sent to your customers at the perfect time. With highly customisable emails, using drag and drop interface for ease of use, you can create stunning email automations that get sent at the right time, to the right people, with the right content every time. Using the power of Xune’s [email protected], you can generate vital leads, massively upsurge website traffic and increase your conversion rates. 

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