Case Study - Essential Wellness

Essential Wellness are a client of ours who have great success online. They now regularly receive traffic from their range of quality content and, through the buyer’s journey on their website, they subsequently receive many sales and valuable customers from all marketing efforts.

Digital marketing has helped Essential Wellness get to the point where they are now, with organic traffic turning into frequent sales and regular customers.

Here are some of the changes we made to Essential Wellness for their digital marketing, and how it helped propel Essential Wellness even further into a very successful business.

Essential Wellness optimisation through Google Ads Case Study | Xune Solutions
Essential Wellness Conversion Rate Optimisation Case Study Xune

Implementation of Advertising

Digital Marketing is used for many businesses to grow their organic traffic online, but advertising is still an important part of marketing that should be used to bring in new visitors that wouldn’t have visited the website otherwise.

Google and Facebook ads are a tool many businesses use to succeed. Ultisiling Facebook and Google ads has been exceedingly successful for the business, bringing in hundreds of new customers who are interested in the business. By combining targeting the right audience in the right places at the right time, Essential Wellness ads work extremely effectively at increasing customers. Organic traffic is important for a business, but gaining essential and valuable traffic from advertising is something that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

When using a website for business, it must be optimised correctly in order to encourage customers to purchase from you. This means making the conversion process as straight-forward as possible.

Implementing conversion rate optimisation for Essential Wellness was an essential step to increasing success. Revamping some of the page’s layout, placing calls to actions in more appropriate places, making the site easily navigable, increasing white-space and updating the product descriptions and images are just a handful of the techniques we used to optimise. Through these numerous optimisations, Essential Wellness is now a business with a website that successfully converts leads into customers.

Conversion rate optimisation has also led to the advertising being even more successful than ever with a higher percentage of people visiting from the ads going on to purchase one of the many excellent products.

Essential Wellness Conversion Rate Optimisation Case Study


Through the use of multiple growth-focused digital marketing techniques, Essential Wellness are now a buzzing business that receive new and returning customers daily. Utilising paid advertising as well as the power of optimisation, we have been able to grow the business even further.

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