Case Study - Essential Wellness

Optimising is an essential aspect of keeping a website and brand performing strongly. At Xune, we are constantly looking for ways to optimise our client’s websites and assets to get the best possible performance. We optimise in multiple ways and in multiple places to ensure we get the best results.

Essential Wellness is an exceptionally high performing website, however, that doesn’t mean there isn’t any room for improvement. Most of the time, if we spot something that could be improved, we conduct an A/B test to see if it actually would make a positive difference to performance. This is exactly what we did with Essential Wellness.

Essential Wellness optimisation through Google Ads Case Study | Xune Solutions
Essential Wellness Google Ads Optimisation Case Study | Xune Solutions

Optimising by A/B Testing

A/B testing is one of the best ways to test an optimisation theory, so it’s something we do often. As Essential Wellness is already a high performing website, our ads team wanted to test out some small changes on a product page that a Google Ad was sending people to, specifically a knee support product page. For this particular A/B test, we theorised that if we moved the price higher up and made it larger (as it is shown to be a discount) it would create a higher conversion rate. The results showed an outstanding 251% increase in conversion rate for this product. 50% of people who clicked on the ad were sent to the original page and 50% of people were sent to the variant page to test our theory.

Google Ads

Google Ads are a platform we utilise regularly for a lot of our clients, Essential Wellness included. It’s a perfect way to target the right people, at the right time, in the right place. Using optimised keywords, high-quality images and the perfect written text we can create ads that achieve high conversion rates. This is another way we ensure Essential Wellness performs at the best ability possible. By leaning into the best performing products we can increase conversion rates. By looking into the products that aren’t performing well, we can create ads that will intrigue and encourage customers to complete a purchase. The average conversion rate of an eCommerce website is 2.86% (2020), our conversion rates are often much higher than this for Essential Wellness, reaching as much as almost 7%.

Essential Wellness Optimisation of Google Ads Case Study | Xune Solutions


Through our efforts with Google Ads and regular optimsations of these ads, we’ve been able to give Essential Wellness a return on advertising spend of 440%, meaning every time they spend £1 on an ad, they receive £4.40 back. We will continue to make optimisations to even further grow their online presence, number of customers and ensure a high conversion rate for their excellent products.

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