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Estate Agent Website Design: The Benefits of a Good Design

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So you’re a local estate agent. Whether you are an established agency or just starting up sometimes the easiest option for you is to use one of the national real estate portals. While this is a great way to spread your business through your local area, relying on these sites is not the best way to ensure maximum growth for your agency. 

Putting in the time on your own Estate Agency Website Design has benefits for you and those who are interested in your properties. Here are ideas as to how to improve your estate agent website design and how that will benefit your local agency.

First Impressions are Everything

When you are meeting a potential buyer or client in any industry there is always the need to make the best impression possible. This is no different for real estate and due to the current climate having a web presence has become almost essential.

Your website design is now a reflection of you and your agency’s core values, as a result of this it is more important than ever to create a professional, smooth operating website. A website design lacking in this will put off potential buyers who will ultimately look elsewhere. Buyers who experience a bad experience are more likely to tell others about this, so it is worth starting off on the right foot and presenting yourself professionally in every available space.

If you are a local estate agency who relies on large real estate portals, that’s okay, this can be used as an advantage. You can use these portals as the gateway for your potential buyers to enter your website. Leading buyers to your professionally built website can personalise the experience for potential buyers to a certain degree, this can turn their positive experience in buying a home into an even better one.

Driving Traffic

In the digital age, roughly 50% of web traffic worldwide is from mobile devices. This is a massive source of traffic coming from one type of device. While some real estate agencies may be reluctant to adhere to the change to digital, using this increase in mobile traffic can boost your online performance and SEO.

It is imperative that real estate website design is mobile friendly, since 2014 google has rewarded those with website designs that are responsive to mobile devices by boosting their ranking. This is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss out on, by taking the time to make your website design more responsive to mobile users and more accessible you can drive your SEO up massively.

While this can improve the experience of clients who are directly taken to your website it can also increase the number of first time visitors to your agency via your website. The increased traffic to your website is an increased opportunity for potential buyers.

Raising the Bar

Put your agency above the rest. Being a local real estate agency can become extremely competitive. Having a professional website which is responsive to users can give you a massive edge against the competitors. Take Turn Key Estates – A Lincolnshire property estate agents who specialise in unique and beautiful homes. Their website goes a long way to establishing immediate trust in their website visitors, and is the first interaction in a long path towards selling their top tier home in a competitive market.

Making the extra effort to create a platform for potential buyers which sets the tone for future interactions with your clients creates an affinity with your estate agency, which in turn improves the overall user experience. Creating this experience is the ultimate aim for estate agent website design, and when done well will encourage both buyers and sellers to take interest in your properties and services.

Creating Growth

Increasing website traffic and closing more new clients is the goal of a professional real estate website design. The benefits these bring will ultimately grow your agency’s reputation and generate more revenue.

This positive growth will set you up to become an established local real estate agency, nudging out competitors in your local area who are slower to move with renewing their online presence. Over time this growth will generate more revenue. This will allow you to push more resources and time in your company, doing what you do best, selling houses. This steady cycle of growth will maximise your agency’s potential to become the best in its local market.

These are just a few of the many benefits in a professionally designed estate agent website. Building an effective estate agent website design is a long term investment of unlimited potential. 

If you are a local real estate agency and are interested in creating or improving your website, please click the button below to see what we can offer you.

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