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Getting Started With Google Analytics

analytics to keep your eCommerce business strong

Ever wish you could turn uncertainty into certainty? Data is the answer. If you can add more information into your business decision making then it stands to reason you are more likely to see success. Analytics tools are excellent to utilise for gaining insight, improving your website and evaluating how well your business is doing. Google Analytics can seem intimidating if you’ve never used them before but there’s no need to panic, in this article we’ll run through the basics to make it a little easier for you.  


What Is Google Analytics

Analytics is a collection of data that businesses can use to optimise their website. Analytics tell you the types of people using your website, how they got to your website, how they interact with your website and much more. With these insights it allows you to make informed, fact-based decisions for your business. 


How To Use Analytics For Better Understanding

There are four categories to google analytics:


Each of these has a dropdown to insights in that category. A good place to start would be looking at the overview of each of these categories. The overview gives you a look at the big picture, showing you a brief outline of all the information and data that that category includes. This is a good way to get an idea of what analytics is and what it can tell you. Another helpful aspect of analytics is being able to look at data from different time frames, as well as compare data over time to see how optimising your website has improved conversions.    

Analytics gives us a lot of data and information, but if you are new to it, here are a few things to look at in more detail to get you started.


Audience demographic

Audience demographic will show you the ages and gender of your audience, this can inform you which age range of people are more attracted to your website, along with what gender your website attracts more. Using this, you can see who your website is attracting and what age and gender are giving you better conversions. Researching this allows you to work out who you should be tailoring your content to in order to gain more traction and conversions.   


Most viewed pages

Looking at which pages people look at the most on your site, gives you an idea what your customers like to see. The design, layout and content of the most viewed pages are an indication that that’s what they prefer to view on your website. Keeping your customer’s preferences in mind at all times is a great way to attract people and keep people coming back to your site.


Source Medium

Every customer that visits your website has to come from somewhere, the source tells you where your traffic is coming from, whether it’s from an organic search, paid search, a referral or an email. Having this knowledge allows you to see where it is best to be advertising your website in order to gain the most traffic.  


Site Speed  

Site speed shows you how quickly your website takes to load. It’s important that your site loads quickly as slow loading can kill your website. 53% of people will leave a page if it takes longer than three seconds to load. Analytics will indicate if you need to make changes to speed up your website’s loading time to create more conversions.


Bounce rate

Bounce rate is one of the most important things to keep track of. Your bounce rate is the amount of people who have visited your site and left straight away, without clicking anything on the website. Ideally, You want your bounce rate percentage to be as low as possible. You might see your bounce rate as being ‘high’ (over 65%) and that could indicate that your website is harming your brand credibility. It could be that your website doesn’t have the information people are searching for or maybe the layout looks unorganised, worse still your site might load too slowly. 



Analytics can display what devices people use to view your website, whether they use a mobile, tablet or desktop. This is useful to know because if your website isn’t optimised for mobile use but if a large section of your audience use mobiles to access your website, you may be losing out. 


Why Use Analytics?

There are loads of advantages to using analytics for your business. They’re the best way to access valuable information about your website in order to efficiently make improvements and important decisions for your business. Knowledge is power, knowing the ins and outs of how customers are engaging with your website is important to keep track of when running a long term online business. The cherry on top is that it’s all for free!

If you get a headache thinking about analytics and want some expert advice on what yours is saying about your website, feel free to get in touch.

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