Case Study - Glampitect

Glampitect is one of our oldest and largest clients that we work with here at Xune. Focusing on the glamping industry, Glampitect have burst onto the internet with a desire to help others who are starting a glamping business, providing them with the right information and resources in order to become successful within the glamping industry.

Here are some of the things that we did within our digital marketing strategy in order to encourage growth and prosperity for Glampitect.

Glampitect Case Study Xune
Glampitect Case Study Xune Blog Creation

Content Creation

For Glampitect, we focused heavily on content creation in order to drive organic traffic to the website from people who may be interested. This included many different blog strategies/clusters with a range of topics all relating to glamping. These blogs do extremely well for Glampitect, bringing in a lot of organic traffic from Google and nurturing people into becoming customers of Glampitect’s services.

We have also created many successful downloadable guides for Glampitect. These guides are free on their website and inform people about larger topics related to glamping such as “Starting a Glamping Business” or “Glamping Feasibility” which are attractive to people who are considering the possibility of getting into the glamping industry. This makes it a great way to acquire valuable customers.

SEO Strategy

This part works hand-in-hand with the content creation. Glampitect wanted their website ranking for many particular keywords relating to glamping such as “Starting a Glamping Business” which is why we had such a focus on content. We had a clever SEO strategy that works in blog clusters. This means that we had different phases of content going out.

For example: we created a blog cluster for Starting a Glamping Business with many articles, along with a written guide and pages relating to this keyword. This resulted in Glampitect being the first result on the search engine results page, bringing in a lot of traffic for Glampitect and subsequently, more leads and customers.

SEO Optimisation Glampitect Case Study


Glampitect have a popular website and we have been utilising growth marketing for a while to even further grow their website and subsequently have them receive more customers and clients for themselves. Our marketing strategy for Glampitect has been widely successful in getting the ranking higher for the desired keywords and increasing the number of clients they receive.

Grow Your Business With Xune

As seen above, by outsourcing your marketing efforts to a digital marketing agency, it can save you a lot of time, money and effort hiring people for your own team. You can grow your business more efficiently and not have to worry about marketing your business yourself, giving you time to solely focus on your business. 

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