Case Study - Glampitect

Glampitect is now one of the largest companies in the UK glamping industry, providing valuable insights, guides and information to budding and established glamping business owners. We love working with Glampitect, as a client that strives to constantly do better, we have a lot in common.

Glampitect Glamping
Old Website Version
glampitect new website
New Website Version

Rejuvenating a Dull Website

Glampitect was in need of a complete website redesign. Before we got involved, their website was dark, dull and uninviting. This wasn’t a great way to engage customers or potential leads so something needed to be done. A complete redesign involves a lot of creative thinking and website design abilities. At Xune we utilised both of these skills in order to create a functional, navigable website.

Using WordPress, we completely recreated their website’s theme and improved their content to create an excellent website. Glampitect now has a vibrant, fun but still highly professional website and with their boom in business, they now have plenty of extra pages to provide even better, clearer and useful information.

SEO Strategy

With Glampitect, ranking higher on search engines was something Xune and Glampitect wanted to work towards. This involved a plethora of content planning and marketing. Content is one of the best ways to increase a website’s search engine optimisation. Through content strategy and content creation, we were able to boost their site’s SEO and increase their visibility to the public by appearing much higher, even number 1 in some cases, on the search results page. They now have consistent blog posting that, not only provides excellent quality insights for budding glamping owners, but also continues to improve their SEO.

SEO Optimisation Glampitect Case Study


With the exponential growth Glampitect have had since joining Xune, they now cover every problem a glamping business could possibly run into. From feasibility studies to planning permission they now provide all the information you could possibly need if you are starting a glamping business. Through a drastic website redesign, Glampitect managed to grow their business and turn it into a glamping business service that caters to anyone and everyone.

Grow Your Business With Xune

Making the decision to outsource a professional growth marketing business like Xune, you can transform your business from a small, local business into a growing, thriving business in your industry. Whether you need a complete redesign like Glampitect did, or a few simple changes with the guidance of experts, we can turn your business into one that continuously grows and impresses your customers.

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