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Growth Driven Web Design – What it Means

Growth Driven Web Design - What it Means

It has been the same for years at your company, you hire someone to design a new website, and you let it sit for three years before you repeat the process and find another company who will re-design your site at the lowest possible price. Your company’s website sits idle until the next scheduled re-design, doing little to nothing to enhance your customer’s experience or to improve your search engine optimisation (SEO) campaigns. In fact, you may as well not have a website when so little effort is put forth in its design; this is even more true of eCommerce websites. Enter growth-driven web design, a smarter way to design your company’s site. Let’s take a closer look at how it works.


Constant Improvement

After years of stagnating in the car manufacturing market, Toyota saw the need for changing its design and production methods. Instead of scrapping the system they had, they adopted Kaizen, a way to look at what they were doing, find what worked best and remove what did not. The result was Toyota becoming one of the top car manufacturers in the world. The same basic concept of Kaizen is at the heart of growth-driven web design, to continually examine your website and make improvements. The old way of replacing a site, which might have been perfectly fine, for a completely new and untested website is no longer viable. Growth driven design breaks the cycle of six months for web design, three or four years of a company’s website remaining untouched, and then another six months spent on a new design.

In this age of intense competition to capture a customer’s attention straight away, and to convert that attention into a sale or action; growth-driven design is of paramount importance. Remember, your website is on the front lines when it comes to expressing your brand. Do you want your brand to be counter-intuitive to your customer’s expectations?


Less Time to Launch, Long Term Benefits

One of the more appealing aspects of growth-driven design is that it won’t take half a year to launch your company’s website. Growth driven design is targeted and based on data, not on what may be en-vouge at the time. A good example of how growth-driven design has affected the web design community is gradients. Gradients were a popular design feature with users; it is the practice of one colour fading into another usually a lighter colour. A few years ago it was thought to be obsolete, even though it was popular with the people who mattered the most, website visitors.

Some growth-driven-design-oriented websites saw that it was unwise to abandon something that was popular and defied the trend. Now, other companies have realised their mistake and are using gradients again. If they had followed the principles of growth-driven design, there would have been no need to remove gradients, or the time spent to restore them.


How Growth-Driven Web Design Works

Growth driven web design has two phases:

  • Phase One- Create and implement a web design strategy, then launch your website, all of which takes about a month.
  • Phase Two- Collect data from your website and plan ways to improve it. Remove or change pages that are not getting clicks. Repeat the process for the next 11 months, at the end of which you repeat phase one.


Benefits of Growth-Driven Web Design

  • Faster website launch time.
  • Less costly than a completely new website design.
  • Lets you collect data on what your customers like and don’t like.
  • Needed changes can be implemented quickly.
  • Allows your marketing team to make valuable contributions to the success of your company’s website.
  • Gives your company a more effective website.


A Logical Approach

It’s evident that a growth-driven design approach to your website is the right method to bring about long term growth. The design is based on logic and common sense, which is why it is so effective. So, if you want to keep customers coming back in addition to bringing on new ones, then growth-driven web design is the clear choice.



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