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Growth Marketing: A Simple Definition

Growth Marketing A Simple Definition

Marketing is always developing in new and exciting ways. Trends, strategies and technology all have an impact on how we cater to visitors across the web and without paying attention to changes in the industry, your competitors could leave you behind.


A mindset of growth, prosperity and creating value should be the driving force in digital marketing, which is exactly what growth marketing is all about.


Using the latest technologies and software whilst focusing on the customer experience has proven to be the most effective way at driving growth. Growth marketers see their website as an asset. Your asset should represent your business to the fullest with added value in every direction to make user experience perfect. 


Let’s discuss growth marketing in general with a simple definition of what it is and how it works. By implementing growth marketing strategies and techniques, you could expect to see increased customer acquisition (new customers) and increased customer retention (maintaining old customers). 


The best part is that there are so many ways to get started with growth marketing for your business!

What is Growth Marketing?

Growth marketing is the process of promoting your business to website visitors and customers in a way that is helpful to them and where they are in their buying journey. It prioritises helpfulness over selling. For your business, this might mean taking a more holistic approach, and there are a few small things you can do right away to have a big impact.


It also encourages winning over new customers. This is done in a helpful way, adding value at every stage to make the customer journey as easy, straightforward and simple as possible in order to make a good customer experience which in turn will lead to more conversions. 


The process of marketing with a focus on growing your business means that your ideal buyer persona always comes first. The better you, as a brand, are able to connect and start a conversation, the greater your engagement, and eventually your sales will be.

What Are The Main Benefits of Using Growth Marketing Strategies?

As growth marketing is broad and covers a range of different areas, here are some of the benefits you can expect from adapting a growth marketing strategy in particular:

Stronger Customer Relationships

Growth marketing typically encourages stronger customer relationships. This is mainly due to the fact that customer experience and value is on the table. Completing A/B tests to see what visitors like the most, creating valuable, long-lasting content and catering for the user experience will lead to a much larger increase in customer acquisition and retention compared to before. The buyer’s journey is also taken into consideration, making the user experience more personalised to their needs.

More Valuable Website

Putting your potential customers at the centre of their own journey is the focus of growth marketing and allows your website visitors to discover your brand as well as find exactly what they need to help make their purchasing decisions. A good website design makes this journey simple and obvious.

Increase in Growth

Overall, you can expect to see growth when implementing growth marketing strategies. Digital marketing is different from growth marketing in the sense that it only focuses on acquisition and gaining traffic/visitors. Growth marketing takes a look at the entire process a customer will go through, including retention, revenue and referral to get the most out of your business. Traditional digital marketing approaches are still found in growth marketing, such as ads, email automation, social media and SEO. 

How Can I Use Growth Marketing For My Business?

There are many ways in which you can use growth marketing for your business. Depending on your business goals/aims, you can use growth marketing to acquire customers, retain previous customers and create added value for your online presence in general. 


However, growth marketing isn’t for everyone. It takes someone who understands the buyer’s journey and where value is best placed in order to drive user engagement. We recommend using a digital marketing agency such as ourselves with growth marketing strategies to drive your success. 

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