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Xune can help you increase website traffic, convert visitors into customers and increase your customer lifetime value.

We cut our teeth on eCommerce, starting and growing a passive income generating behemoth. Now we apply the same principles for our clients who task us with increasing conversion rate alongside steadily growing website traffic.

Growth marketing is a full funnel philosophy which seeks to attract the right audience, engage them with relevant content, convert them with tailored offers before delighting them with smart segmentation and intelligent cross-sell / up-sell.

89% of all purchase journeys start with search, and traditional digital marketing only pays attention to the top and bottom of the funnel. This affords a competitive advantage to the companies who lean into growth marketing’s ability to reach people in the middle of their purchase journey. At a point in time when they are information hungry, as they seek to validate their potential purchase decision.

95% of eCommerce website visitors don’t buy on the first visit, we’ll implement and optimise lead generation pages to allow for automated and sequential follow-up. Coupled with paid for advertising and re-targeting these high converting landing pages grow your email list at the same time as lowering your overall cost per acquisition.

Most eCommerce websites will cater to a broad range of customers and feature large inventories. By using segmentation we can make sure that the right customer is only seeing the right message for them. Including those who abandoned cart prior to purchase, allowing a smart winback sequence to re-engage and resell the benefits of the exact items they were interested in the first place.

Intelligent product based cross-sells and upsells allow you to bring out the full value of your mailing list. Synergising with the customer segmentation lists these campaigns deliver emails based upon trigger events such as purchasing certain items and clicking on then viewing certain products. Intelligent product-margin based lapsed customer winback kicks in to re-engage past customers while protecting your bottom line.

eCommerce websites that prioritise content in their marketing strategy are 13X more likely to see positive ROI and enjoy a 3X conversion rate than paid advertising alone. Investing in growth marketing ensures higher revenue long term – what’s more, traffic generating content has a compounding effect over time. We use this in conjunction with analysing the website conversion funnel to look for drop off and optimisation opportunities. Go on, challenge us to triple your conversion rate.

What’s the most powerful form of marketing? It’s still word of mouth. The second? World of mouth, and Xune Solutions growth marketing for eCommerce service goes all out in this regard. Generating positive reviews (and smoothly handing off dissatisfied buyers to customer service) and displaying these proudly on your website as well as leveraging their use in paid for advertising. We’ve seen a sales bounce of 800% just from this strategy alone.

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