Client testimonials LD Nutrition

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LD Nutrition® are the typical accidental entrepreneurs. 
After a career chef started providing his mates in the gym with pre-prepared meals and getting by with word of mouth alone it was time to go big or go home. 
We tightened up their branding, ReDesigned their website and tackled their PPC and automated email marketing. LD Nutrition are now feeding Yorkshire as one of the biggest food prep companies in the area.

Look At Them Now

With us at the helm, LD Nutrition® have ran several successful ad campaigns, using their newly strengthened branding and beautiful website their revenue has increased exponentially. With a broader audience they have been able to create new food prep packages for more audiences and are now running a more extensive delivery service due to the demand.

From their success it’s clear that with the help of exceptional branding awareness and an exciting innovative design, eCommerce sites like LD Nutrition can excel their growth and establish themselves as a leading local business.

Client testimonial Glampitect

how we helped

Glampitect® approached us in 2019 with the task of radically overhauling their lead generation website; introducing conversion points and attacking a cluster of 10 vital keywords.
Not gonna lie, we smashed it!
The director went from working from his bedroom to an office with 9 employees in the space of one year. He is now easily recognised as the UK’s leading Glamping business startup expert.
Google “Glamping Planning Permission” and see for yourself.

Look At Them Now

The proof is in the pudding with Glampitect. Creating a completely new website and continuing to optimise and innovate has given Glampitect massive growth. Starting from only offering one service, to now offering almost every service in the glamping industry. Glampitect’s branding and positioning within the glamping community has also positioned them as a thought leader within the UK.

Just looking at their growth as a business fills us with delight. Putting their trust in us, the result has led to Glampitect working to help glamping startups all across the UK.

Shumaker Xune Client

how we helped

Walk into a mall in Toronto, Canada and you’re likely to see a Shumaker® store. As a company, they were already experiencing strong sales in their physical locations, but their eCommerce performance was lacklustre.
First, we realigned their digital brand to match their offline persona. Out went the lower performing diy website. And in came a more vibrant professional website design with hints of Canadian red and Shumaker’s now-signature rose gold colouration throughout.
We deliver content for Shumaker at scale and run automated email marketing campaigns to make sure each and every customer is given a Shumaker welcome… and of course, is tempted to rebuy, again and again, and… again and…

Look At Them Now

Using our fantastic email marketing systems we have regularly sent out campaigns to boost their sales. For seasonal promotions and the same for national holidays. The work we have put in has led to a surge in sales. Comparing year-against-year performances, we have regularly doubled their overall sales, giving them that much needed boost in their online revenue. The success of our efforts shows the effectiveness of a well-timed email campaign, sending to the right people at the right time in order to ensure maximum growth.

Our Email Automation system, [email protected] has enabled Shumaker to use an extensive mailing list which tailors emails depending on the customers viewing preference on the Shumaker website. Leading to streamlined content on a huge scale.

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