Case Study - Hotel Around Town

Websites are one of the most important aspects of a business and where leads go to learn more and get in touch. As this is the case, websites not only need to look stunning but they need to be easy to navigate too.

Hotel Around Town owns a property management service as well as providing holiday goers with the very best places to stay in Scotland. One of the biggest problems Hotel Around Faced with their website was layout and readability. Their website, before Xune got involved, looked aesthetic, however, it was difficult to navigate your way through to find relevant information and didn’t use the space they had efficiently. Had we done nothing, they would have continued to struggle to generate valuable leads and create essential conversions for their business.

Hotel Around Town Web Design Case Study
Hotel Around Town Web Design Navigation Bar

Redesigned Navigation Bar

This client has two separate types of users that visit their website. One-half of users (guests) visit the website in order to find somewhere to stay on vacation. The other half are there as business owners there to work with them on their own hotel lettings. Due to this key difference in users, separate navigation bars were put in place to make the user journey much easier and much more relevant to each separate user depending on their intention on the website.

This navigation bar provided each separate type of user with a different set of links to easily navigate through the website to get the relevant information and pages that they require. This navigation provides each user with an excellent experience without having to have two separate websites to accommodate each type of user.

A New Layout

Along with the brand new navigation bar, we created a brand new layout for the website in order to make the user journey a much nicer experience. The new layout not only made the website easier to read for the user but it also included many more relevant call to actions in order to generate as many leads as possible, something they weren’t doing before. Call to actions can be a vital way to increase leads and conversions so adding in relevant CTAs in the right places was an essential part of the website redesign. 

Often when redesigning a website, wireframes are created in order to work out what aspects of a website need to go where in order to make it look excellent as well as being easily navigable. This is exactly what we did with Hotel Around Town. Using Elementor and WordPress, along with some outstanding skills from our website designers, their website now features a revamped design that’s easy to find the relevant information a user is looking for. As well as this, it’s made an immense positive difference for potential leads and customers to complete actions in order to further their journey with the company.

Hotel Around Town Web Design Case STudy Xune


Hotel Around Town is now a business that can begin generating essential leads. By making drastic changes to their website, users are now able to not only have a positive user experience on their website, but organically find them on search engines much easier than before. Through expert website design skills and essential marketing tools, they have transformed their business and so can you.

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