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How Businesses Can Transition Concierge Services Online

How Businesses Can Transition Concierge Services Online

Concierge services are often an essential part of a business. Providing clients and customers with key information, meetings with relevant people and easy access to answers that they may have about your business, your products or your services. So, how can businesses transfer these essential concierge services onto their online business?

Live Chatbots

There are many ways a business can transition concierge services online, chatbots are one of these. Chatbots are a great way to give people quick answers to their questions online as and when they come up. You can create a chatbot with automated responses for the questions people ask most frequently or you can have a human-run chatbot, where an employee can answer people’s queries anytime. Alternatively, you can opt for semi-intelligent chatbots which supply information based on selectable options. These are great for handling lead generation as they can quickly pass the customer onto the best placed person in the company to answer their question.

The biggest benefit to chatbots are the instant answers they can provide for people. When spending time online, people expect things to be fast-paced, slowness can kill an eCommerce website. When a problem occurs, customers will want it fixing quickly and this is where a chatbot can be a big win. By answering questions and solving problems almost immediately, it enhances the overall user experience and gives them a good impression of your business.

'Book a Meeting' Links

Especially for B2B businesses, being able to book a meeting with relevant people easily is essential for acquiring clients. Booking a meeting online can be even easier than in real life. Using simple links you can let people book a meeting or schedule a call with ease. 

There are several ways to approach allowing customers and clients to book meetings online. You could have a simple link that takes someone to a contact form or page or, one of the most effective ways, is to include a calendar on your website. A calendar allows people to see when you have time for them and book a slot that suits you and the prospect in seconds.

How Businesses Can Transition Concierge Services Online

Meeting links aren’t just beneficial to customers or upcoming clients, they’re also perfect for adding into sales emails. By providing people with easy access to the relevant person, you have a much higher chance of succeeding with your sale. 

Informative Videos

The biggest difference in concierge services online vs in real life is the way we are given information. In real life, talking face to face is easy and doesn’t take much thought, when it comes to online, the reader has to do the work to gain the information. This isn’t a major issue as most people are willing to seek the information they are looking for, however, some just won’t want to, or won’t have the time, to read every word on a page to find the relevant information for them. This is where informative videos can come in handy.

Video content allows you to give customers or clients key information in a quick, easy way. A video is easy to follow, feels more personal and doesn’t involve much concentration. Providing information in a visual way requires much fewer words to convey the same information and this way of handing out key information is often much more appealing to people.

Downloadable Brochures

How Businesses Can Transition Concierge Services Online

When you go to the front desk of any establishment, such as a hotel or an estate agent, you will most likely spot a leaflet or two on the desk. Leaflets are great for providing plenty of information for people without making them feel overwhelmed by large paragraphs of bland content. You can still use this effective tool when running an online business.

By creating downloadable brochures online, not only can you provide people with easy access to information about your business, but it’s also a great way to increase your mailing list. By making it a required step that you input your contact details into the system in order to access and download the information, you can gain email subscribers. This is perfect for any business that regularly engages in email marketing activities.

Transition Your Services Online

When it comes to transitioning concierge services online, there are several effective ways to do it. Chatbots, meeting links, video content and downloadables are all excellent ways to provide great customer and client service.

Transitioning your physical business online is essential in the modern world. Whether you choose to use both or swap for online, either way, you need a way for people to find you online. As a growth agency, not only can we get you noticed online, but we can help you grow your online presence to help your business succeed.

Use our online concierge service 😉 to book a meeting with us in seconds if you want to get in touch to see how we can help you.

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