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How Does Email Automation Help eCommerce

How does email automation help e-commerce

The relatively new technology of email automation has skyrocketed onto the marketing and sales scene, so much so that it is slowly surpassing the traditional methods that are as old as time. It is becoming increasingly clear that the benefits of email automation make this technology a no brainer for all eCommerce businesses. Our Email Marketing software, [email protected] is the perfect tool for any eCommerce business that wants growth, but how does it help eCommerce? Here’s why:

Time Saver

Time saving money making

Email automation is the ultimate time-saver when compared to manual email marketing and sales. As it is automatic and doesn’t require you to manually handle the emails once they are live, once you get it started, you can just sit back and watch… Or you can use your time more wisely of course!

Using the time you would spend on sending emails can be spent on other ways to improve your eCommerce businesses growth. While you are setting your eCommerce site or business up your automation will be running in the background 24/7, what the automation is, is up to you. For example, you can be working on your site, adding exclusive products all while your automation system is sending out emails promoting this product. Email automation can help eCommerce massively by working hand in hand with your business itself.

Retention/Revival of Sales

A great function of email automation is to bring back customers to your eCommerce site or to revive old or lost contacts. With email automation, you can set up sequences to bring these contacts back to your eCommerce site.

Things like abandoned cart emails are a great example – you can set up an automated email to a user who has gotten so close to making a sale with your site. Here you can convince them to continue their purchase with you and a catchy title and subheading in your emails will help the chances of conversion even more. 

To re engage customers who have purchased with you already, you can set up timers and purchase information to retain the last date they have purchased, from here you can use this information to set a timed email which can be used to convince them to purchase again, or just to re engage them if you want to try the softer approach. Either way, email automation will help your eCommerce site by seamlessly providing you with the chance to connect with potential customers or to reconnect with past customers.

More Segmentation = Better Targeting

With the technology growing within email automation you can now segment your contacts more than ever before by having certain groups of contacts based off of an almost endless variety of conditions. With an eCommerce site, the conditions could be, having segments based off of their purchase history, what products they click on the most, or how engaged they are with your eCommerce site. The limit is your imagination.

Segmentation leads to more accurate targeting of your email automation, this ultimately means emails are more relevant, direct and personalised to the contacts you are trying to reach. Doing this has shown to drive engagement rates up and when engagement rises, then the chances for conversions of your eCommerce site increases also. For eCommerce, sales is the name of the game, and with the help of email automation, an increase in sales will become a reality for your business.

customer segmentation

Error Reduction

When your eCommerce site is up and running you will more than likely have a fair share of emails to sort through. For eCommerce, gaining sales is the driving force and having someone manually emailing multiple addresses in an attempt to gain more sales brings the added risk of human error.

With sales, little mistakes can make a big difference so naturally, you would want to keep human error to an absolute minimum. With email automation, you can create templates and workflows which put all your relevant email content into one location. Here, you can simply edit and improve your automations seamlessly from one location. The opportunity to remove human error here is much more expansive and easier, once they have been quality checked you will have ensured that your emails will be sent out error-free.

If you are at this point in the blog you should have no doubt in your mind that your eCommerce site will benefit from having email automation software. Luckily, at Xune Solutions our [email protected] software can help your eCommerce site achieve all of the above that we have discussed, as well as increasing sales and generating new leads. If you’ve already checked out our [email protected] page, but are still unsure whether to go ahead, then how about getting in touch with us so we can discuss your queries, put your mind at ease and then start your journey of growth.

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