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How Does Email Automation Help Lead Generation

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Email automation is commonly used amongst marketers to effectively generate leads, but how and why does email automation help with the process of lead generation? It’s a great question, as here at Xune we use email automation for this very reason! We’re going to delve into what lead generation is, why it’s important, email automation and its benefits and how the two tied together can effectively create a magnificent tool to generate leads. 

What is Lead Generation?

Leads are people who have expressed interest in the products or services that you provide/sell. Lead generation is the process of turning people into leads, by getting them interested in your business’s product or service enough for them to willingly give you their contact details. With their details, you can continue providing them with info, build strong customer relationships and make vital sales.

Why Lead Generation is Important

Without generating leads, you would struggle to make sales and grow your business. Getting people interested in your business and its products is the first of many steps in achieving a sale.

What is Email Automation?

Emails are one of the best tools you can utilise in marketing your business. Automating your emails allows you to create email marketing campaigns that reach the right people at the right time with the right message, all without having to create separate emails to each subscriber every single time.

The Benefits of Email Automation

There are a multitude of excellent benefits to email automation for your business

Re-engage Existing Customers Easily

99% of consumers check their emails daily so you can imagine it’s very likely that they would see your email. If you have written your email effectively, including a catchy subject line to catch their eye, you’ll have a much higher chance of reactivating customers. 

Increase Your Revenue

Consumers spend 138% more when they are targeted with emails than those who don’t receive any emails. So emails are greatly effective at reducing abandoned carts, re-engaging customers as well as offering discounts and offers that get people splashing the cash.

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Save Your Company Buckets of Time

The beauty of email automation is the time that it can save. In one go, you can create triggered email campaigns to keep consistent, targeted, personalised emails going to thousands of customers at the same time. 

How Email Automation Helps with Lead Generation

Emails Help Generate Awareness

Emails, when used effectively and strategically, are an easy way to inform people about new products, updates on your services, discounts and offers or additional resources you can provide. By creating and sending targeted, insightful and personal information, it can convince people who are interested to take the next step and consider purchasing from you.

Automation Sustains Relationships

Keeping in touch with people is how we create and sustain relationships in life and it’s no different when it comes to customer relationships. Consistent, personalised information that provides them with useful insights on a regular basis is a sure-fire way to gain trust and build loyalty between you and your customer. A company that responds quickly, with the right information, is one that is trustworthy and dependable to help them diagnose their problem, understand their needs and provide useful solutions. 

It Can Build Brand Credibility

Brand credibility is essential in running a successful business, harming your brand credibility can be detrimental to your business. By strengthening your relationships with brand credibility, people will naturally want to support you. Having emails tailored to the specific needs of people can encourage them to support your brand and recommend, or forward their email, to a friend or family member. As people trust friends and family far more than they will ever trust a brand, they’re much more likely to consider someone who’s been recommended by a friend/family member. Getting word of mouth referrals is up there with one of the most effective ways of marketing. 

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Email Automation Generates Leads Which Increase Sales

As emails work efficiently to create relationships, build brand credibility, loyalty and trust between you and your customers, it’s an excellent way to generate leads which, in turn, increase your sales. 

Email automation helps to generate leads in many ways. Creating strong customer relationships, building brand credibility, earning trust and easily informing people of new products, discounts and offers you have for them are all ways to successfully generate leads for your business. 

If you’re not yet utilising email automation, you could be missing out on heaps of excellent opportunities to make sales. Consider transforming your emails into email automation campaigns to expand your business and increase lead generation. We have our own email automation software that manages all of this, ‘[email protected]’.

If you need some help with email automation, contact the experts for some professional guidance.  

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