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How To Do Email Marketing the Right Way [Template]

Email Marketing template

Email Marketing has been around for a long time now, and has become a standard within digital marketing in the 21st century. Sending frequent emails to customers/leads has proved to be a successful marketing strategy, and has enabled many businesses to grow rapidly beyond the web. 

When starting your Email Marketing journey, you will quickly realise how many different ways you can go about creating your strategy. With an Email Marketing template, you can learn how to successfully integrate email into your marketing strategy without making any mistakes.

In this article, we will discuss Email Marketing and how using an Email Marketing template can assist you in building a successful marketing strategy and subsequently grow your business to new heights.

Identify Your Target Audience

Identifying your target audience is one of the most important steps in your email marketing journey, and is vital for marketing in general.

To identify your target audience, take a look at your marketing analytics so far and take into account demographics and other features that are desirable to your business. Create a target customer template with all the traits/attributes that you see your target customer having.

Email marketing template, identify target audience

When identifying your target audience, you can then focus on this group rather than people who are not too interested in your business. By catering and nurturing your target audience, you will be able to have a stronger customer base with good customer relationships.

In due course, catering and nurturing your target audience via email will prove to be more successful than otherwise, so it is best to finish this step before working on anything else. 

Create Mailing List Segments

After determining your target audience, you can then create mailing list segments. This means segmenting/splitting your target audience into smaller lists, which you can then write separate emails for. These lists should be depending on factors such as interest in your business, stage in the buyer’s journey and demographics.

This is a necessary part of this Email Marketing template, as marketing should be focused on sending the right piece of content to the right person at the right time. Sending targeted emails to segmented groups will ensure that you are catering to the right people.

Use Email Builder Software

Writing emails is the next step, and you should be doing this using email builder software. With this, you can write compelling emails with added images/formatting to make them perfect for your audience. 

There is a lot of different email builder software available online, but we use our in-house software [email protected]. It allows us to create Email Automations easily when writing our emails and is an essential software for our business.

When writing the emails, be sure to make them personal, persuasive and consistent. This will make them more compelling and intriguing for your target audience to read, which ultimately makes them more effective. A good strategy with bad written content is not the way to go.

Set up Email Automation

Email Automation is an important part of this Email Marketing template. It means automating your email sending process to have written emails sent out at particular times, without you having to do it manually. 

When setting up Email Automation, you should create multiple automations with different purposes. For example: an abandoned cart series, a welcome series etc. These automations can provide the right amount of content for potential customers to result in a purchase. A brilliant tool for eCommerce businesses.

Track, Analyse & Repeat

With any digital marketing strategy, tracking/analytics are very important as they allow you to look back at what went well and what you can improve on next time around. 


Implementing UTM Links (tracking links) rather than regular links, and using Google Analytics with your Email Builder Software, you can track the success of your Email Marketing campaign. Analyse this data, and use it to your advantage with your next campaign, as you will subsequently have a better understanding of your audience.

email marketing templates, analysis chart of performance
Email marketing template, guide on tracking performance

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