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How to Explain Email Automation to Your Mum

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Email Marketing has been around for a long time now, but it’s younger brother Email Automation is relatively new on the digital marketing scene. People have been using Email Marketing in order to promote their business and market products to potential customers and leads, and Email Automation takes this to a new level.

However, many are left uninformed about Email Automation and the benefits it possesses in the industry of marketing. It can have a profound impact on your business and can dictate its future and success. 

In this article, we are going to discuss Email Automation at a basic level, so you can understand the primary reason why it is used and why you should invest in Email Automation.

Email Marketing V2

As the internet has progressed, people have become more aware of email marketing. Having your inbox flooded with emails from corporations advertising their products has become tiresome. People have become so used to receiving emails from companies that it has become mundane and a cheap tactic, the industry noticed this and decided to do something about it. This is where Email Automation comes in.

Email Automation is automating a set of emails for a particular segment of your market audience. This means that emails are becoming more tailored to you and your preferences than before.

You can create a set of emails to be sent out at a particular time and date, to a particular audience. Depending on their engagement, you can create automatic responses that are tailored to the actions this group takes. For example: if a young male ignores the email, you can take him out of the automation and add him to another one more tailored towards him.

It is done to make Email Marketing more effective, in which beforehand that may have not been the case. It is similar to tailored advertisements, only in this case, having tailored emails created for them.

email automation explained

What are the Benefits of Using Email Automation

There are a range of different benefits that using Email Automation can bring for your business, for example:

Making Your Marketing Easier and More Cost Effective

Having emails tailored to your market audience can make it a lot easier to win over customers, or create relationships with them and your brand. For example: someone who has not purchased from your business, but has shown interest by entering their email address, can be easily won over by email automation.

This makes the process of marketing a lot more easier than before, and a lot more cost effective as you will be spending less on advertisements and investing more into well-written emails and automation designs.


The great thing about Email Automation is that you can use these automations for a range of different groups of people. When more people enter their email address into your website/business, you can reuse these automations for new people. This makes the process seamless, as once you have created specific automations, all you need to do is identify/segment your audience and place the right people down the right automations.

It is More Segmented than Before

With Email Marketing in general, the problem was that many people were receiving emails that do not matter to them. Why should they open an email with something that does not have any place in their life?

When using segmentation, you can send the right message in the right email, to the right person. Email Automation is those people receiving the right emails that matter to them, instead of ones that are not relevant.

Should I invest in Email Automation?

From a business perspective, Email Automation is the future of marketing. As advertising changed due to the rise of the internet, Email Marketing is changing in a similar manner. People are more easily won over when the content they are receiving matters to them, and that is why investing in Email Automation is a good idea for your company.

Email Automation is key to your businesses success in the internet age, and when implementing it onto your website, you will thrive off people being more interested and intrigued by your products.

There is a lot of different Email Automation software that you can purchase, but one with advanced technology, and helping you save time and money in the future is one that should be sought after.

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