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How To Get Your First Sales With eCommerce

Ecommerce First Sale


You’ve started an eCommerce website. This is a major accomplishment in itself and we wish nothing but success for your business. However, eCommerce is a competitive market and there are thousands of eCommerce websites already having success.

From the Amazons, to the eBays of the world, everyone started off small. Jeff Bezos started Amazon in his garage. There is always a way to make it to the top, and it starts with your first sale. 

You must get this stage of your journey right, as it will dictate the future of your eCommerce business and will give you insight into how successful your website will really be. Continue reading if you want to learn more about how you can get your first sales with eCommerce.

Use High-Quality Product Images

This is one of the most important steps. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. If you were looking for a product, and the image was low-quality, what would you do? If you can’t have a clear image in your head of what you are ordering, then why would you even bother ordering?

It is important to get this stage right as it can give your website a bad reputation and customers may not want to return. Choose high-quality images that customers are going to find appealing, to bring more attention to your eCommerce website and help even more with those first sales. There are many ways to use high quality images to help you sell online. So make sure you master this and your first sales will follow.

Shopping Online With Quality Product Images

Write Interesting Product Descriptions

When a customer is looking at a product, they will look at the description for more information on the product. If you have a product description that lacks the information that the customer wants to know before purchasing, then they may not purchase the product from you. This will be devastating for any business, especially one that needs their first sales with eCommerce

Product descriptions are a big part of eCommerce, and are important when making your first sales. If you learn how to write killer product descriptions and get this stage right and you will be making sales in no time.

Create Engaging Blogs and Landing Pages

Customers are brought to your website from searching particular keywords relating to your website. You can take advantage of how search engines work by creating engaging blog content with keywords, made to drive traffic to your website. When doing this, you will be able to bring more customers to your website through the blogs.

However, this is not an easy way to drive traffic. You must put time and effort into writing a compelling and engaging blog that customers would actually want to read. If a customer visits a blog and they gain nothing out of it, it is unlikely that they will make an order from your website.

Write some interesting blog posts in which a customer can gain something from it, and you will be on track to making that first sale with your eCommerce store.

Glampitect Case Study Xune Blog Creation

Get Involved With Email Marketing

As people visit websites, many have an option for visitors to enter their email address in. This has become a great way of marketing your business. With a range of different tools, you can place visitors email addresses in an automation in which they will automatically receive emails relating to your company.

If you get the basics right, this is a cheap and easy way to start bringing more traffic to your eCommerce website. Especially for those first sales, as the people who put their emails onto your website are expressing their interest and you can take advantage of this to make those important first sales.

Still Unsure? Give Us a Call

Here at Xune Solutions, we are a digital marketing agency specialising in growth marketing. We have expertise in this field and understand eCommerce inside-and-out. If you are trying to get that first sale with eCommerce but don’t know how, please do get in touch.

If you have any eCommerce or marketing related questions or enquiries, then please remember to get in touch with us, as we can help you gain a better understanding of eCommerce, which is ultimately a goal that will benefit any business who wants to make those important sales.

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