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How to Grow a Following on Social Media (The Correct Way)

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Social Media has had a significant impact on the world we live in today. It is estimated that 2.89 billion people use Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, or Messenger each month. This makes social media one of the biggest markets that a business can enter. 

Businesses and entrepreneurs have gained millions of followers through social media, meaning they can create direct relationships with their followers as a brand, ultimately delivering more success. Nike, for example, have run many successful social media campaigns throughout the years. Most notably, the one featuring Colin Kaepernick. Nike’s campaign was powerful and engaging – their social followers wanted to like and share the post – as well as viewing it over and over again!

You might be asking yourself, how can you grow your own pages without a similar big corporate budget? We’re not all Nike but  the truth is – it’s not that hard!

Many people have grown their own businesses / brand-image using social media, and today I am going to talk about the ways you can do this yourself.


Provide Good Quality Content

This is the most important thing you can do to grow your page. From a followers perspective, why would they follow your page if the content is not good?

You need to put time and effort into what you post, thoroughly checking for spelling mistakes (which can be off-putting in a post) and making sure that any images are top quality. 

Providing the best quality is essential to keep your followers interacting with your posts, so be sure to put in the work where needed. So much of social media is about what we see, not just what we read, so the visual aspect is just as important (if not more) than the hashtags we use and the captions we write. 

 Image example of a good social media post

An example of a good quality Instagram post (is your mouth watering yet?)


Connect With Similar Pages

Social Media users tend to follow various pages with similar content.  If you’re responsible for content creation then lookout for opportunities to make good relationships with similar pages. These might not be direct competitors but industries or niches with a shared audience. A good example of this is personal trainers and health food companies working together and sharing content. Can you think of any niches that compliment your own?

Find different content providers that are similar to you and have a similar level of following, and try to see what they are doing and what you can improve yourself. Sharing ideas and helping each other can be very beneficial. 

Also, When you’ve formed these relationships, connections or partnerships start doing things like shoutouts – this is where either of you shares a post telling your followers to check out their page and vice versa. This can help show your content to people who enjoy similar pages already and increase your audience.


Make Use of Hashtags

Many pages forget about hashtags, which is sad to see as they are one of the best ways to expand your following to new people who haven’t seen your page before. A real missed opportunity on many pages is getting early visibility to a new account by using hashtags. Brands, startups and entrepreneurs alike can often get their hashtag strategy wrong early on. 

Using the right hashtags is the tricky part. It’s just as much an art than a science. Using a popular hashtag may seem like a good idea – a huge potential reach is available. The downside of this as a strategy is so many other people are trying to do the same thing. New accounts using popular hashtags can often be ignored and this isn’t because their content is bad. It’s simply because it’s like telling someone to look out for your red car when you’re stuck in traffic and everyone else is driving a red car too. It’s more challenging to stand out and get noticed. 

Medium reach or niche hashtags are going to help you find an audience that feels as passionately as you do about your brand, product or service. And we all know when you create great content and add a hashtag that resonates people want to share it and before you know it you have a viral post on your hands! Which is great news for a growing brand!

Use relevant hashtags that actually relate to your post, as your target audience are more likely to follow and engage when they see something that interests them. 

Also don’t forget, there is a limit on hashtags for most social media platforms. On Instagram it’s 30 and using about half of that limit has been shown to reap the greatest rewards. Don’t use too many hashtags, as many spam accounts do this and it will give off the impression that your account is similar. We don’t want people thinking we are spam, do we? Another thing to be aware of is a trick you will see on many accounts – adding hashtags as a comment to the post. This is just another way to look spammy and don’t actually work to increase your audience. 

Remember that it’s ok to be specific! The aim is to connect our channels with people who love what we do, not just like it. Likes are good for the ego, but when we develop a real following we have brand ambassadors. Businesses who make the extra effort to connect with their ambassadors see increased sales. 


Interact with your following

This is a great way to grow your following. Engaging with your audience is key to success in business, this also translates with social media. 

Reply to comments, like other posts and give active followers a follow back. It shows you frequently view your page but also gives your business / brand-image a friendly perception. 

It also can increase your follower count, as some who are not following may be inclined to do so after you interact with them. Social media is one of the best opportunities that brands have to start direct conversations with their ideal audience. This will often mean getting a lot of love but might also mean handling complaints and grumbles too. Reply to everyone, good and bad and show that your brand can handle anything and is responsive to feedback. Acting this way on social media shows you are a brand that can be trusted. 


What if you’re doing all the above?

We sometimes forget that they are millions upon millions of social media pages across the web. To simply have an account is not a guarantee to be successful. Social Media requires a lot of patience and hard work and is not all handed to you. It takes having a personality that people can connect to and sharing content that other people want to see. This can take some experimenting. Some pages take years to grow, but one single post can change everything and take you viral.

If you feel lost in the sea of social media options and aren’t sure where to start you can book a time to talk to us. We can have a chat to see where you are at and where you want to be headed and see where the opportunity is to grow. 

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