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How to keep your eCommerce Business Going Strong

Work Out eCommerce Profit Margins

You’ve got your eCommerce business up and running, it’s been steadily growing for a while now but you’ve noticed the growth slowing. How do you keep up the momentum of your business? Constantly evolving and improving your website is essential to sustaining your business and generating revenue. We’ll go through different ways you can introduce changes to boost your business and keep it going strong.



Use Analytics

Using analytics to review your eCommerce website. Analytics are an excellent tool to get to know how users engage with your site. It can tell you the devices customers use to visit your site, how long they spent viewing your website, locations of your customers, page speed insights and where you’re losing customers at checkouts. Importantly, it gives you information on your website bounce rate, allowing you to identify the reasons you’re receiving low conversion rates. Gathering data and finding the source of a problem gives you the best chance to come up with ways to fix and improve areas of your website that are driving customers away. The cherry on top of using analytics is that it’s free, so you can gain insights to your site without spending any extra money.


Stay On Top Of SEO

SEO to keep eCommerce business strong

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helps your website to gain traffic, organic or unpaid, from the search engine results page. Content marketing is important when it comes to your website SEO. You need your content to be enhanced by your user visitors and the search engine to keep your site relevant to customers and what they’re searching for. Make sure you’re using relevant and specific keywords or phrases in your website content often, to boost your chances of gaining a higher ranking on the search engine results page for the keywords you’re using. 

You can update your website’s SEO to improve your search ranking in a few ways. Such as, include title tags for each page so the search engine is aware of what your page is about. Have a solid meta description that is relevant and informative as well as including your keyword and ensure any images on your site contain alt tags with your keyword.


Keep Your User In Mind

Your website is there for visitors to use, if it’s difficult to navigate, not mobile friendly or not what your ideal customer prefers, you may be losing customers. The site needs to be simple for customers to go from browsing to checkout/contact. If they are finding it difficult to find what they are looking for, they’ll most likely go elsewhere. When it comes to what the customer wants to see, ask yourself, who are you talking to, what is your buyer persona? What information do they need? what type of product/service images they will want to be seeing? How does your ideal customer prefer to keep in contact  with your business? Looking at your business from a customer’s point of view is a great way to figure out what works with customers and what doesn’t.


Keep Up To Date With Trends And Social Media

The world of social media is ever changing and it’s important to keep up to date with it in order to fully utilise the benefits it can have for your business. For example using hashtags on social media posts is a great way to keep people aware of your striving business by targeting your ideal audience. Trends come and go and it’s important to be aware of the current ones in order to successfully use them to your advantage. With millions of people using social media platforms everyday it’s an excellent and cost efficient way to keep your business going strong.


Keep Your Business Striving

Consider making some simple but vital and effective changes to keep your website fresh and relevant for your customers. Review your site often, stay on top of your content and the current social media trends and be sure to remember that your website is for the customer to use and that needs to be reflected in your website to give customers what they need, keeping them engaged with your business.

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