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How To: Migrate a Website to Shopify

How To: Migrate a Website to Shopify

First, there are a few things which need to be done with your present website prior to the move. Chiefly, obtain the full URL list of the old website so that all the links can be checked to see if they forward to the correct page. Keep in mind that your website structure is likely to change, therefore you may find some pages become redundant. These pre-existing web addresses will still need to point to a location on your new website.

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Perform the copy operation in stages, being meticulous in the creation of each page. The sensation of your future self, reaching back to high five you is almost palpable the more time and attention you devote to make sure that each page is created with your highest attention to detail. With each missed alt-tag filled in, or meta description optimised you’ll also gain greater reach from your Shopify website in the long run.

Make sure to install Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel on your new store, while activating Shopify’s built-in sales channels are achieved within a few clicks. The automatic syncing with the shop on your Facebook business page allows you to create a synergistic system where traffic which arrives at your site from Facebook can be remarketed via Facebook Adverts. Leaving Google Analytics to accurately report on your customer’s multi-stage purchase journey.

Pay very close attention to Google Search Console throughout the whole process. Formerly known as Webmaster Tools, Search Console is your window to how Google views your website. Submitting an updated sitemap is essential as is checking for crawl errors and 404’s caused by indexed URL’s not pointing to a web page destination. Use your URL list from your old website to set up 301 redirects from each URL to the corresponding web page on your new Shopify website.

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