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How to Use Quality Product Images to Sell Online

Blogger Taking High Quality Images of Products

For any eCommerce site, one of the most important things that will actually help you make sales is your product images. Once you have decide what If you want to know everything you need to get started with an eCommerce site then quality product images are what you need. People won’t buy from an online site if they can’t see what they are buying! Having quality product images can help you sell online massively, here are a few ways you can use quality images to achieve this. 

Use Minimalism To Sell

It’s true when they say less is more. Having a minimalist approach when you use your product images is great when selling online. Keeping lots of space around your product image is a great way to get customers to focus on your image.

Having too many product images near each other can distract customers. An overload of information can put customers off your product page the moment they click on it, when using quality product images, ensure your images are all the same size and are appropriately spaced out from one another. You want your quality images to each have their own spotlight in the customers eye. Having a minimalist approach will ensure that this happens, encouraging users to focus on your products and boosting online sales. 

Business owner showing detailed product page of their eCommerce website design

Educate and Inform

By using a quality product image you can provide a lot of information to the user. An image that’s high quality can show the whole product. Every small detail of your product can be seen, this allows you to paint the whole picture of what you have to offer to your customer. A picture is worth a thousand words and this is great for online sales, especially if your product is all about the fine details. This can boost online sales as your customers can see everything involving your product removing any doubts they might face during the purchasing process. 

Make Your Images Your Focal Point

For businesses that are selling a small number of products but at a high volume, using images will be the best way to make your eCommerce site a success and sell more online.

Using your product images in this way is perfect for online sites that sell one or two items. Having a high quality image of that product in all key areas of your site will draw attention to your customers and constantly remind them of the product they are interested in. Potential customers that come to your site are instantly given a product that can solve their problems. If this image is high quality it will certainly show the customers why they should purchase your product online over other competitors. 

Even if you sell many different products, this can still be used to your advantage. If you have products that you want to highlight for example an item that is going on sale, having a high quality image for this product on your website’s homepage will put the product in potential customers’ eyelines instantly. This image paired with a price reduction can encourage online sales which is of course fantastic for any eCommerce site. 

Woman taking a high quality photo of shoes

Use Images To Look Professional

If you think of your favourite online retailer, have a think about their product images. Have they ever looked unprofessional? Probably not, that’s because their products are high quality.

Having high quality images not only makes your ecommerce site easier to manage, it also makes your business more professional from an external point of view. Having high quality images for all of your products can make your customers recognise you as a professional business that takes the time and money to provide high quality images for your online store. This ultimately builds trust with your customers and increases your businesses reputation which leads to more sales on your online store.

These are just some of the key ways you can use your images to help you sell online. Going forward, whether you use these methods or not it is vital that you understand the importance of having quality product images for your eCommerce site regardless of how you use them. Your product images can be what sets you apart from your competitors, so ensure you are on the right side by having high quality images.

At Xune Solutions, we can help you use those high quality product images for all your eCommerce needs. Whether you need to know the best eCommerce site to start with, or if you would just like some consulting we can tailor to your needs so that you can achieve the growth you have always been after. Get in touch today.

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