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How to Write Killer Product Descriptions


Why Product Descriptions Are So Important

Product descriptions are an essential aspect of running an eCommerce business that successfully converts customers. An excellent product description can make or break the sale of a product so it’s important to take the time to do it properly. If a user has clicked on a product to get more information, they’re likely to have some interest in the product. A good product description can then influence that person to go from just being interested to adding it to their cart. 

An added bonus is the improvement it can have on your SEO. Including keywords or key phrases for the product you are selling can positively boost your site’s SEO.

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How To Write A Killer Product Description

There are many ways to write an outstanding product description. These useful tips should give you a good idea of what you need to do to achieve a product description that converts.

Define and Target Your Ideal Buyer Persona

Knowing your ideal buyer persona is vital for boosting your eCommerce business. Appealing to a customer that is likely to be interested in your products involves a bit more planning but targeting your efforts to these people is far more likely to get you conversions. Your product needs to be relevant to a customer in order for them to even consider buying it. Aiming your product at anyone and everyone might not work as well as it would if you mainly target a certain group(s) of people. 

In order to target the right people, you must know who your ideal buyer is. You can use market research in order to map out your ideal buyer persona. With focus groups, brand market research and secondary research you’ll be able to map out a buyer persona to help you in all aspects of your business, not just with writing product descriptions. 

Focus on the Product’s Benefits

A great tip to creating a high quality product description is to focus on the benefits of the features rather than the features themselves. You can entice customers with the benefits of a product and you can achieve conversions by showing your customer how it would better them if they had this product in their life.

If you’re selling an exercise band, for example, there might be a non-slip feature on the product. Instead of simply stating that it has a non-slip feature, tell them the benefits that a non-slip grip feature will have for them and how it will better their workout. 

Project Your Brand’s Tone of Voice

Your brand’s tone of voice is how you interact with your customers. Is your brand witty, friendly, serious or laid back? Tone of voice is dependent on many aspects of your business and how you choose to run it. Once you’ve established your brand’s tone of voice it’s important to be consistent and reflect it in all areas of your business, including your product descriptions. Having a tone of voice can make you memorable and recognisable to consumers and reflecting your specific tone of voice in your product’s descriptions could influence the buyer if they like your brand.

Be Specific

Giving a vague description of the product isn’t very persuasive and not likely to get people reaching into their wallets. Avoid using broad and general phrases. As well as this, steer clear of saying things like “this product is made from high quality materials.” Instead of saying that, show them it’s good quality and back it up with proof. 


Make it Skim Read Friendly

Some people don’t like online shopping, don’t have time for shopping or just aren’t as bothered about every detail. These skim readers need information that’s quick to see and easily accessible to allow them to fly through their shopping. Laying out the most important parts of your description, such as the benefits, into a bullet pointed list will allow them to obtain the information they need quickly and efficiently. 

Spell Check

Spelling mistakes are not only annoying to look at once you’ve noticed it but they also look unprofessional and careless. Before publishing any descriptions, or anything on your website, spell check it. 

What Next? Start Writing!

Businessman Writing Product Descriptions

Writing a killer product description is essential for making sales. A good or bad description can make a break a customer’s decision to purchase the product, so make sure it’s effective.

Focus your words on your ideal buyer so you can aim the relevant products at the right people. Show customers the benefits of the product and how it will have a positive impact on their life if they purchase it. Keep your brand’s tone of voice consistent throughout, be specific about the product you’re describing and make the most important parts easily visible for skim readers and fast shoppers.

If you would like some professional input or guidance on writing your product descriptions, our team at Xune can help. Feel free to schedule a call with one of our experts.  

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