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Hubspot Pipeline Generation Bootcamp – What I Learned from ‘Smarketing’

Pipeline Generation Bootcamp

What is Pipeline Generation?

The internet has dramatically changed the sales funnel as we know it. It’s no longer enough to simply rely on traditional marketing and sales methods to continue to generation growth levels of business income. This means approaching digital marketing and sales with a plan of execution so your pipeline or funnel doesn’t ebb and flow but creates consistent great quality leads for your team to close with.

Taking a systematic approach to ‘filling the funnel’, the Hubspot Pipeline Generation Bootcamp was a rigorous 8 weeks of playbooks, role plays and action. What I learned during that time was that business doesn’t need to be unstable or unpredictable when an approach exists that can be executed consistently to get positive results.

What is Hubspot?

Hubspot is the number 1 global inbound marketing company with world-class software to match. Since 2006 it has been relentlessly applying data driven methodology to help companies grow better.

Xune partnered with Hubspot in 2019, joining Hubspot to become Hubspot Agency Partner enabling the team at Xune to deliver seamless sales and marketing optimisations to eCommerce businesses in the UK and beyond.

Employee #6 at Hubspot, Dan Tyre, lead the camps with a vigorous enthusiasm and taught us how to help our clients find best fit leads, qualify them and help them grow. Known for his positivity, Dan ran the bootcamp as the champion of our successes and introduced us to the concept of SMarketing – a blended approach to sales and marketing. SMarketing enables businesses not only to build revenue, but to fill their pipelines with high quality, high value sales and tear down any barriers to businesses struggling to meet their current growth targets.

How Did the Pipeline Generation Bootcamp Help Us at Xune Solutions?

At Xune we pride ourselves in continual learning and enriching the team so we can better serve our clients and exceed their expectations. This bootcamp has lead to better quality calls and introducing new sales processes that really get to the heart of how we can provide value to our clients.

I particularly found that developing the skill of being able to have meaningful conversations about a company’s goals and current plans means I’m better equipped to build their ideal solutions with relevant deliverables.

How Can Pipeline Generation Help You?

Any business with a website (that must be you right?!) knows that their website has an opportunity to be their company’s greatest salesperson. By implementing a SMarketing approach with quality infrastructure to support it you can gain a competitive advantage with your lead generation, improving your pipeline and increasing your customer lifetime value.

It’s not a gamble when the statistics are there to back it up, websites with contextual content generate 3X the revenue of those without – it’s time to ask yourself if you can afford to keep leaving that money on the table?

Getting started with useful content is just one of the ways we recommend working on your pipeline, with a solid inbound strategy, content is able to turn strangers into website visitors and visitors into leads & customers. It’s an investment that proves return of investment and can bring you a pipeline full of warm leads who’ve chosen you because you’ve made it the easy choice.

Hubspot PGB is 8 Weeks of Sales Fire!

If you want to increase leads & sales generated by your website then ask yourself this question – do enough people know you exist online? If the answer is no then get in touch with us to see how an inbound strategy would work for you. If the answer is yes then get in touch with us to see how we can help you turn those visitors into great quality sales and leads for your business.

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